If you have to get orthognathic surgery in the near future, you should be fully prepared to handle the post operation period, as there are some things that may be quite difficult at first. This type of surgery requires that a person go on an all liquids diet at first, which is the first thing that a person needs to be aware of. You will not be able to eat at first and will be usually put on a clear liquid diet. This means that you will be able to drink water, light juice and various types of broth to start. During this time period, you should also stay away from any type of sugary juices, as this may increase the propensity for dehydration, which is something that should be avoided after surgery. Eventually the patient will progress to all liquids, including milk and other types of juices.

A few things to expect are minor bleeding from the nose for the first day or two, as well as a sore throat, which is going to be a result of the tube during the operation. Your mouth, chin, nose and the surrounding areas are going to be numb for quite a while, as this is necessary for the procedure. While you should still brush your teeth to keep your mouth and your teeth clean after the operation, you should use a baby tooth brush and be extremely careful around the stitches. Based on the fact that your mouth and your face is likely going to be numb, it is very important to take your time and to be extremely careful, as many people have been known to brush too hard, as they can't feel any pain because of the numbness to their mouth.

Another thing you are going to want to do is to rinse with salt water every hour or so, as this helps to clean out and help the mouth and teeth heal faster. One thing that is going to be important is that you do not blow your nose for two to three weeks after surgery, as this can cause complications. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that keeping the head still and elevated, while taking medications as directed is essential as well. Following the detailed instructions provided by your doctor before and after surgery will help you to have the smoothest time possible after the procedure. If you need to find a dental office to get this type of thing done, you can start by searching online. In order to get palm beach dental implants, you can search for dentists in the area and pick one that has great ratings.

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