Heart is an important vital of body and one should take proper care of it with the help of balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Common causes of heart disease are Depression, Diabetes, alcohol, smoking, obesity, hypertension, and high fat and high sodium diet. Some Disorders related to Heart are myocardial infraction, Coronary Heart Disease, heart failure and arrhythmia. A diet rich in high fibre food, low saturated fats and low in sodium is beneficial for healthy heart. By following the strict diet, blood cholesterol levels can be managed.

Diet Plan for Patients of Heart Diseases

Early Morning: - One glass of water + 1 tsp Fenugreek seeds/ soaked almonds

Breakfast:- Broken wheat porridge (Veg Dalia) / Veg Semolina (veg upma) / Veg Vermicelli (Sewian) / Veg poha (Rice flakes) / Besan pancake (gram flour) / Veg Oats / Veg Idli / Semolina pancake / Chapatti +veg or Dal / Low-fat Milk / Egg white

Mid-Morning:-Fruits / Herbal Tea/ Fruit or Vegetable juice/ Coconut water / Sprouts

In Lunch: -Plain chapatti / Boiled Rice + Veg + Dal + Steamed salad

Evening- Roasted Chana / Rice flakes / Sprouts / Herbal Tea / Green tea / Soups (Home-made)

In Dinner: -Plain chapatti + Veg /Dal + Steamed salad

Diet Instructions

Cereals Be Consumed

Wheat, Puffed Rice, Brown Rice, Barley, Buckwheat

Cereals to be Avoided

Refined Flour

Pulses to be Consumed

Lentils, Soya products

Pulses to be Avoided

Dried and frozen Pulses

Fruits to be Consumed

Banana, Avocadoes, Apple, Pomegranate, All kinds of berries including Blueberries, Strawberries, Cranberries, and Blackberries, Goji berries, Oranges, Kiwi, Watermelon, Muskmelon, Papaya, Dates, Squash, Figs, Apricot, Pineapple, Pears, Plum, Olives, Grapefruit.

Fruits to be Avoided

All canned and packaged fruits

Vegetables to be Consumed

Dark green leafy especially Spinach and Kale, Asparagus, Broccoli, Carrots, Onion, Garlic, Cabbage, Bottle gourd, Ridge gourd, Round gourd, Bitter gourd, Tomato and Potatoes

Vegetables to be Avoided

Canned vegetables, Fried or baked vegetable

Flesh Foods to be Consumed

Eggs white part only, Roasted or Grilled Salmon and rohu, skinless chicken soup

Flesh Foods to be Avoided

Fish fried in suitable oil, Prawns, Lobster, Crab, Lean beef, Pork, Lamb, Ham, Very lean minced meat, Turkey, Veal, Rabbit, Egg yolk, Fish roe, Sausages, Mutton, Salami, Bacon, Duck, Goose, Hot dogs, Meat pies, Visible fat on meat, Organ meat like Liver, Kidney, Chest, Red meat, Smoked and canned fish, Marbled and fatty Meats

Spices to be Consumed

Fennel, Turmeric, Cumin, Thyme, Black pepper, Coriander, Rock Salt (limited), Cardamom, Cinnamon, Fenugreek

Spices to be Avoided

Red chili and Table Salt

Dairy Products to be Consumed

Low-fat milk

Dairy Products to be avoided

Whole milk and cream, Cream cheese, Condensed milk, Cocoa butter

Dry fruits and Seeds to be Consumed

Flax seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Chia seeds, Sunflower seeds, Walnuts, Almonds

Dry fruits and Seeds to be Avoided

Cashew nuts, Pistachio, Peanuts

Fats Foods to be Consumed

Olive oil, Canola oil, Cow ghee, Rice bran oil, Soybean oil, Sunflower oil

Fats Foods to be Avoided

Trans fat foods, Butter, Palm oil, Coconut oil, Hydrogenated oil

Drinks to be Consumed

Coconut water, Herbal Tea, Arjuna Tea, Beetroot juice, Amla Juice, Pomegranate juice, homemade soups, soy milk

Drinks to be Avoided

Canned soup and packaged soup, Alcohol, Sweetened drinks, Squashes, Hot chocolate drinks, Diet soda, carbonated drinks

Prepared Foods to be Consumed

Homemade only, Jaggery

Prepared Foods to be Avoided

All bakery products or processed, Pastry, Pies, Doughnuts, Chips, Puddings, Cakes, Biscuits, Sauces, Fruit jellies, Jams, Mayonnaise, White sugar, Ice-cream, Cream soups, Dark chocolate, Butter scotch, Coconut bar, Chutneys, Pickles, Junk food, Deep fried foods, All Spicy foods, Junk foods, Too much salty food, Buttered popcorn, Soya sauce.


if you are Diabetic patient, food high in sugar should be avoided and intake of suitable fats and oils strictly limited.

Important Tips

  • Avoid taking total fat, saturated and cholesterol.
  • Be physically active, Yoga asana and mediation is recommended
  • Take well balanced diet rich in calcium, iron and zinc.
  • Maintain ideal body weight
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