More than a normal amount of uric acid present in the bloodstream can result in gout. Another waste that is present in the blood is Creatinine. This waste influences the kidneys' natural functions, due to which a large number of complications can take place in your body.

Increased level of these wastes in the bloodstream causes many complications in your body. That's why it's important to manage the level of these wastes in your bloodstream.

Apples or Apple cider Vinegar

As an old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." This fruit has innumerable health benefits due to its nutritional property. This fruit is enriched with Malic acid that helps neutralizing uric acid levels in the bloodstream. It's the best fruit that helps get rid of all complications associated with high uric acid levels in the blood. You can also take apple cider vinegar. Just add 3 tablespoons of vinegar to one glass of water and take it.


Water is an essential substance for the body, so enrich your body with a good amount of water. Basically, water helps the kidneys in flushing out wastes and toxins from the body easily. Having at least 8-10 glasses of water on a daily basis keeps you well-detoxified.

Fresh Vegetable Juices

Consuming vegetable juices can help your body clearing out wastes such as uric acid from your body. In high uric acid, take carrot juice after adding beetroot and cucumber juice. It's one of the most effective remedies to normalize uric acid.

Vitamin C containing foods

Adding Vitamin C enriched foods also helps to maintain the level of uric acid in the blood. Such foods help flush out uric acid from your body. For that, you can take Indian gooseberries, Oranges, Lemon, Tomatoes, and other green leafy vegetables.


Banana is another fruit that helps lowering high uric acid levels in the blood. Include this fruit in your daily diet to lower uric acid levels naturally.

Now, if it comes to lowering high creatinine levels, you can follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Increasing fiber intake.
  • Reducing protein from your diet, including red meat and dairy products.
  • Avoid creatine supplements.
  • Try chitosan supplement.

But mainly, continuously rising creatinine levels indicate poor kidney health, so curing kidney problems is the only way to lower and normalize creatinine levels in the blood.

Along with the diet, for high uric acid and Creatinine, one also requires the right cure if any kidney disease is the reason behind the increasing level of these wastes in the blood. If you are diagnosed with any kidney problem, then taking the right treatment is the only option to get rid of the consequences.

As far as kidney problems are concerned, Ayurveda has proved to be the best cure in the last few years. Ayurveda is a holistic treatment approach that utilizes the healing property of nature to cure all sorts of health problems. The most beneficial property of this treatment is that it works on the deep causes of a health problem to provide an everlasting cure. Along with eliminating complications of a disease, this natural treatment also repairs and restores the affected organ's health.

The Ayurvedic treatment utilizes natural herbs, ancient therapies, and some alterations in lifestyle. With a specific combination of certain herbs and these practices, Ayurvedic treatment offers a permanent and hazard-free cure. Additionally, diet is also an inseparable part of Ayurvedic treatment for kidney problems. Above all, this treatment is free from any sorts of risk and side-effects as it uses natural herbs and some irregular practices.

Select the best Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment along with the right diet for high uric acid and Creatinine to get rid of complications linked to the abnormally high value of these waste substances.

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With a proper diet for high uric acid and Creatinine, a customized Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment is the only way to normalize these wastes level in the blood naturally.