How to Tell What Single Women are Interested In

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Are you aware of the best way to find out what a single woman is interested in? Just take a look around at her library of books and magazines in her house or apartment. Observe what subjects they focus on. This will tell you a lot about what her mind is focused on.

So, how is this going to help you in succeeding with single
women? By knowing what she enjoys talking about will give you an edge over other guys. You will know what her hot buttons are that makes her want to share the same subject with you.

And when you are sharing a conversation about a subject she is interested, she will in turn think that you are an interesting person. Also, it will create a bond between you when you discuss something that she is highly interested in.

So, let me give you a hint. When you are first dating or even on your first date, when you are at her place, be sure and look around at her books and magazines. This will be a dead giveaway about the things that she's really into.

Hopefully, her library will be about upbeat subjects and not something off the wall like devil worship, etc. Also, once you find out what subjects she is interested in, you will know what to give her as a gift in the form of a book or magazine. She will really admire you for getting her something that she really loves.

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