Public records are records of people that contain all the information about them and are open for the pubic to access. Criminal records are part of the public records and contain the person’s identification, conviction details, arrest details, legal status, incarcerations, warrant details, sex offender registration and other such criminal activity details. Every crime committed by every person is recorded in these records and the main purpose is to be able to know all about a person. These records also help when a crime is committed, to check if this is the person.

Criminal records can be accessed by anyone. Only those records, where the person may have committed a crime for the first time and the crime is not big enough, will the judge seal these records, to stop anyone else from viewing them. That is fair enough as such a person may not actually be a criminal. In all respects, such people are not considered criminals.

People can check these criminal records by visiting the county office. There are several online agencies that provide this service, but they may not be able to do a good job, because the social security number and date of birth of the person concerned may not be available, making it necessary to do a huge amount of searches and the results may not be accurate.

These days, many courts have created an online presence and have online databases, to make the searches easier. There are also sites that provide this service free of charge. You can get all the information from the official sites belonging to the courts. It may require filling in a request form and sending the details to them, but this is easily done and the information is provided almost immediately.

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