Yes, the colon cleansing process may have ample side effects if not followed with apt knowledge and a systematic manner. So before getting into any colon cleansing process, you must know and understand the process and its effects. For many, a colon program works well during a weekday evening and residing to rest for the remaining week. For many people having hectic weekdays, the weekends may be the ideal time periods for following a suitable cleansing program.

Any colon cleansing program must be followed for a maximum of three consecutive days and then must be paused. As cleansing program affects the overall body, so this medical advice must be followed. The colon cleansing symptoms usually diminish within three to four days. Any change in a diet plan must be brought about before the start of the diet schedule or the program which actually reduces any harmful side effects and enhances bowel movements.

The intake of heavy food stuffs such as meat, fleshes and fried contents are not advisable within a day or two before the diet. The intake of fresh vegetables and fruits are usually advised during the cleansing process. Along with this, a sufficient consumption of water is a must.

Side effects of colon cleansing:

Detoxification is a natural phenomenon for the human body where the human body gets rid of the normal waste products through excretion. This process brings about natural cleansing on a periodic basis. The artificial colon cleansing may have external effects in the human body but most often the effects are the result of the panic stricken nature of the humans.

The presence of excess faecal wastes however often leads to bulging out of our colons which then becomes overloaded and exceeds its waste carrying capacity. This situation is often encountered in the human body when the waste carrying capacity of the colon is exceeded by the amount of waste and thus it leads to various colon problems. This situation leads to swelling of colons, itching, joint aches, fatigue, fever and many other such irritating problems. To get out of such a situation, the immediate flushing out of toxins is a must and this is where the colon cleansing process comes into act.

The colon cleansing process sometimes also lead to excessive faecal wastes through the diet programs and in these situations the carrying capacity is again overhauled by the amount of wastes and thus side effects such as muscular pains, joint aches, fatigue and many such things occur. But these are temporary side effects and diminish within 2-3 days after the cleansing process.

It is very important to note that these side effects are often the cause of the process of waste elimination than being the effect of the cleansing process. These effects are also not the results of the cleansing products. So the side effects of it is none but temporary.

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