Didja Know Emotional Verbs We Read Affect Our Judgment?

So What

How important is persuading, influencing and convincing folks to your
career and relationships?

For me it hits 99% because we are social animals and work with others or present what we accomplish to others. Get this: seeing someone or an audience Smile, Laugh
or Frown triggers the muscles in our own face to duplicate their emotional expression.

How Come

Fact: Facial expressions are genetically hardwired in our brain. They activate
NonConsciously without our conscious imput. Google: Midbrain and

Fact: Mirror Neurons in our brain fire (trigger) when we are executing an action,
also when we watch or read about folks executing physical actions. Feel it.
“The weight lifter pressed 1,250 pounds in a squat to set a world record.”

Fact: These special Mirror Neurons permit us to empathize with others,
understand their feelings, emotions and behaviors. It lets us imitate
the skills of others for personal competency. It helps learning and memory too.

For Inquiring Minds Only: Mirror Neurons are located in the brain’s PreMotor
Cortex and Inferior Parietal Cortex. Remembering improves your Cognitive Reserve for extended mental health.

Reading Is Hot

We know that language – our unique competitive advantage that permits us to
dominant the planet and soon our Galaxy - is Symbolic. Letters stand for the 44
sounds of English, and words transmit ideas so we can cooperate technically.

New Research: language is also Somatic – it affects our body and in particular our facial expressions (emotions and feelings). We combine our brain and its biology (neurobiology) together with our behavior – through conditioning by aping others.

We are motivated by our Imagination, Experiences, and by reacting to the Action Verbs we read. These Emotional (action) verbs like running, throwing, striking, laughing, crying, and disgust, operate below the level of consciousness (subliminally).

Who knew we could be influenced in our decisions and judgments without our
willpower and consent? Seeing cartoons are funnier when we hear laughter and see smiling faces introducing the cartoons. The more we know, the greater our success.

Teeth and Eyes

Guess what folks rate the most powerful features of our face? When your peers
and clients see your teeth and eyes – they make their judgment of whether to believe
you. The reverse: you negatively influence people when your eyes are not crinkling
(crow’s feet) and the sides of your lips are not raised in a smile. Deal with it.

This is powerful knowledge for Inquiring Minds – three sets of facial muscles set you apart from your peers and competitors for success. Can you remember them?

a) Zygomatic Major and Minor Muscles pull up the corners of your
mouth and influence people to trust and choose you.

b) Orbicularis Oculi – one on each side of your eyes creates an image of
of personal friendship and kindness.

c) Risorius muscles retract the angle of your mouth to show a smile.

Fake Smile

When you just show your teeth without having your eyes produce little Crow’s Feet,
you are judged as a phony-baloney person. Is that worth adding to your core of knowledge? Wanna convince, persuade and influence – master the three sets of
facial expressions?

Google: PAN-AM Smile and Duchenne Smile – the real smile is Duchenne.

Star Athletes

You have heard that stars like Tiger (you-know-who), Alex Rodriguez and
Serena Williams mentally practice their game strategies one-hour before they enter
the field, court or course. They trigger their imagination to rehearse their moves.

How Come

The identical brain regions are used (waste not, want not) when Homo sapiens
executive an action (practice), observe (watch others playing), and most important,
playing Mental Movies in their mind using their later game strategies. Same-same.

The same is the fact when we speak of Emotions. The secret of success of Movies,
Videos, and Novels is when the actors (characters) experience emotions – so do we.
When they are injured we feel the pain, abandoned and we the audience (or reader) feel stress, anxiety and mental anguish. Good or bad, joy and delight or disgust.
Imagination works our muscles, creates learning and long-term memory.

Now this is not going to be on the test – so forget it.

Where in the brain does our Imagination and Empathy reside?

Answer: A.I (Anterior Insula) and F.O. (Frontal Operculum).

See: Google: Mbemba Jabbi University Medical Center Groningen, in
the Netherlands. Published in PloS One 3(8): e2939


Merely seeing someone else smile in amusement or frown in disgust automatically
triggers the muscles in our own face that produce the same expression or feeling.
We like people who think, act and look like ourselves and do business with them.

Opposites do not attract – people with similar traits are attracted to each other.

See: Google: Francesco Foroni, University of Amsterdam, published
August 15, 2009 Psychological Science.


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