Are you just forgetful, don’t know how, or are you choosing not to be happy?

I just got home from a conference in Bermuda where I got to spend some time with Fred Johnson

Fred and I were walking together he looked at me and said “Are you happy today, Justin.”

I was not “unhappy,” but at the same time, I was not a 10 on the happiness scale, if there is such a thing. Nothing bad had happened, I mean, I was in Bermuda, how could I not be happy? I realized that I was not my normal self and that I really was happy. I then said “Yes I am happy, I just forgot.”

The truth I learned is that I believe there are switches located inside us. These switches have the ability to instantly turn on or off any emotion/feeling, like a light switch, however like a dark unknown room many times we have to search and stumble until we find the switch. The hard part is not turning the switch on, its finding it.

Once you know where a light switch is located and how it works its easy to use, however, if you never learn about the switch, then you will always be in the dark.

Many of us have lived in the darkness (i.e. unhappiness) for so long that we need someone to remind us that there is light, there is a light switch, and we can turn it on.

So I will remind you. There is happiness, and you have it. You can’t passively expect it to be there, just like you can’t expect your lights to turn on when you want them on. But if you put a little effort into it, you can actively turn it on, any time you want!

What does all of this mean? Well, we all can turn on our happiness switch. If someone just reminds us that the switch is there, and if we know where the switch is located. So what you and I have to do is figure out, subconsciously / physiologically, or otherwise where the switch is located and how it operates. Once we learn this we can have instant feeling, what ever the desired felling is, we can have it. I really believe this is true. There are some emotions that I know right where the switch is, and there are some that I have to search around some to find the switch.

One step to learning the switch and how it works is to believe you can do it. Tell yourself “I can give 100% happiness today, tell a partner/friend/accountability partner that you will give full energy/whatever today. As you do this you will begin to find what allows your switch to be triggered and what allows you to activate it.

Another stop is allow yourself to be happy. So often in life we don’t allow ourselves to have fun. A great example is going out dancing. Have you ever been out to a dance club and seen people standing on the side watching the fun on the dance floor. They gaze on, looking, thinking “I can’t dance” or “that looks fun” or “I’m Cool” or “wish someone would ask me to dance.”

But what are they doing? They are not allowing themselves to have fun. They could go out there. They could move with the beat. They could have a blast, but because of fear or some other limiting belief they choose to stand on the side lines.

When a good song is on the radio, do you allow yourself to enjoy it, be free, belt it out, and just be happy. We need to allow our good emotions to come out of us.

Finally another important factor that we all must remember is that we have happiness inside us. We have joy inside us. We would not know what happiness was if we did not have it. So often we look for happiness outside of ourselves. We think something else will give it to us. Some event, some person, some day.

But we already have it, we just need to find it, turn it on, remind ourselves to use it, and enjoy it.

Is it really this simple? It sure can be, but you must allow it to be.

Just today, I was driving down the street. Thoughts about money started to creep in. I was thinking about how I would pay my bills etc. I then decided to turn my happiness switch on. No amount of money worry will fix my bills, but happiness just might. So I cranked the radio up, and guess what, there was a song on that I had listened to in my recent Bermuda trip. I went, Mentally, back to Bermuda, and just started to sing and enjoy myself. Instant happiness. Instant on switch. You can do this, with everything!

In fact, I think its super exciting. Not sure if it is a breakthrough in psychology, but what if you try? Im excited about trying it out. I encourage you to set a goal, pick some emotion, and then try to remember to find it, and turn it on all day long.

Cheers to happiness!
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