“Did You Know - You Can Improve Your ‘Working-Memory’,
Up To 65% With a Two-Minute Strategy. Ask me How?”
• 1. Before this new research: the prevailing scientific belief was ‘working-memory’ is fixed, and Not trainable.

• 2. “So-What?” When you improve (train) your ‘working-memory’, you trigger the ability to communicate between different areas of the brain. That helps you master complex language comprehension, problem-solving, and even decision-making.

• 3. “I don’t get it?”

• 4. Working-Memory improvement affects your Attention-Span, Reading & Math, & reasoning. We call it “long-term

• 5. “Who says so?”

• 6. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Brad Postle, lead author, University of Maryland, & Cognitive Neuroscience
Society (4.15.13).

• 7. Keep it simple. The technique to prove their research is
Electromagnetic stimulation, using an EEG (electroencephalograph). You can improve your brain with baby-easy Breathing & Tapping exercises.

• 8. For Brainiacs only: the exercises improve “talk” between your Frontal & Parietal lobes of your brain.

The secret is practice, and retesting yourself on ‘working-memory’. Don’t “Assume” just because you heard or read it, you KNOW it. Get out your pen and test yourself, right?

• 9. Wait – Brainiacs: you know your willpower is located two-inches above your left-eyebrow. It is called your
Dorso-lateral-Prefrontal Cortex.

‘Tapping’ that area (left d-l-p-f-c), triggers your cognitive skills. It is connected to your Parietal lobe which is big for language production & reading. (Google: Broca’s & Wernicke’s areas). So what? Helps ACE exams & classes.

• 10. The secrets are experience, practice, & retesting yourself. Meditation helps (lowers Cortisol, the stress hormone), by improving your hippocampus.
• 11. Baby-easy strategies:

• Step 1: standing or sitting, close your eyes, and taking deep diaphragmatic breath, and on exhaling repeat aloud or nonverbally, the “sound’, HUM-M, Hum-m, Hum-m, Hum-m, & Hum-m. It’s Hum-m 4x, for four-breaths, a total of 16x in total.

Why? You are connecting with your Parasympathetic Nervous System for deep relaxation, and inhibiting your
Sympathetic Nervous System from activating your “Fight- or Flight’ activity, with its adrenaline and cortisol.

• Step 2: Intentionally Smile, showing your teeth & squinting your eyes simultaneously. It activates your wide Peripheral-Vision, and right-brain.

• ‘Smiling’ helps reprogram your brain for a new habit of improved ‘working-memory’.

• Step 3: ‘cup’ your dominant hand and gently Tap around your Left-ear. Move your fingers in a circle around your Left-ear. Smile and Tap – simultaneously. Repeat aloud or
Non-Verbally, as you Tap, “I-AM experiencing Abundance, Affluence, Opulence, & Prosperity in all areas of my life.” Repeat this affirmation 4x, as you Tap.

• Step 4. Cup your dominant hand and gently Tap around your Right-Ear. Smile & Tap, and repeat aloud or internally, “I deserve, expect, and am experiencing Willpower in improving my “working-memory”.

• Repeat Step 4 and its “affirmation” four-times. Takes one-minute and the effects last for up to four-hours.

• Step 5. Place your dominant hand with open-fingers across your Solar Plexus, (below your chest). It’s your

• Repeat with emotion: “I “deserve” and anticipate cognitive improvement in my “working-memory”. Smile and repeat your affirmation four-times, while tapping on your Solar Plexus.

• The entire strategy requires about 2-minutes, and keeps pumping out powerful energy, up to four-hours.

That’s it. “Tune-in, Turn-on, and Tap-in”, for success, and fun in school & career. Do it twice and you got it. After that you Own a baby-easy strategy to PUMP-UP your “energy”, for up to four-hours in just two-minutes. Nice.

See ya,

Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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Bernard Wechsler, educational director of SpeedReading101.org
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