california background check laws

If you are applying for a new job, employers in California are limited in terms of the breadth and types of background checks they can perform on potential candidates. Indeed, as of January 1, 2018, California’s “ban-the-box” law took effect which, among other things, changed California’s Fair Housing and Employment Act so that it is now unlawful for prospective employers to even ask about an applicant’s criminal history until a conditional offer of employment is made. California Background Check Laws now prevent the immediate dismissal of a candidate simply because he or she made a mistake in their past. Instead, your skills and experience are a much greater factor.

Pushing the envelope even further, California now makes it so an employer may never consider (i) arrest records, (ii) diversion programs, (iii) sealed records, (iv) certain marijuana offenses, or (v) juvenile records. Nor may employers contravene the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and all anti-discrimination laws. Attorneys familiar with California Background Check Laws are available to make sure your rights are protected and you are given the opportunity required by law to get the job you deserve.

The best attorneys in California are typically obtained through

personal referrals,
online services,
lawyer directories,
business referrals,
lawyer referral services,
local chambers of commerce,
non-profit groups that relate to your legal issue,
law librarians, and
support groups.

The best California attorneys will specialize in the particular area in which you need assistance, as very few attorneys are qualified to practice in multiple areas. The attorney you retain should present themselves in such a way that you are comfortable with them and you can see them being effective with other attorneys, judges and juries, should your claim require such. In addition, your attorney should be prompt and available to communicate with you when needed.

California Background Check Laws are diverse and complicated, as there are many of them. Qualified attorneys should be familiar with them and have resources available to be able to research minutia that may not be on the tip of their tongues. Understand that when you apply for a job, there are laws to protect you.

As there are 168,746 attorneys registered to practice in the State of California, you have your choice. Find the ones that make you comfortable and that are experienced in the areas you require. Also make sure they are competent in practicing not only before the courts, but also with any administrative bodies relevant to the issues for which you need them.

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