Swimming being one of the most versatile and beneficial activities finds its spot almost on top of anyone’s list of workouts or exercises. It’s not unwise if you want to continue swimming all the year round or just need to extend the season for a longer period. What on earth could allow you to enjoy such a privilege? An above ground pool heater is the answer. But when you think of choosing the best above ground pool heater, you need to remember that there are significant variations in functions, and so are in mechanisms and power sources.

Why you would want to get an above ground pool heater?

To get a practically viable answer to this question, you need to get answers to the following few questions.

  • Do you have a small pool or will only a few people use the pool?
  • Do you want the pool water to be heated quickly?
  • Do you want greater heat?
  • Do you need the water heated more often than once or twice a week?

If the answer to these questions is affirmative, getting an above ground heater might work for you well. However, for quite the opposite answers would call for the need for an in-ground pool heater. Let’s get to the other factors of an above ground heater.

Available Options:

Whether you choose an above ground or in-ground pool heater, you have to come across the available options, such as the gas heaters, soar heaters, and pool heat pumps. Each of these present distinct mechanisms and benefits. Also, they come with different issues which might matter when it comes down to the choice of one of them.

Gas heaters are often the costliest options as you care about their regular maintenance. But, with low initial cost and quick heating features, these heaters are popular among modern swimmers.

Pool heat pumps gain heat at a slower rate than their gas-powered counterparts. However, the eco-friendly and zero emission feature make these a favorable option for many, especially those who prioritize the safety of operation and wellbeing of the nature.

With low initial cost and almost zero maintenance expense, solar heaters are lovable and useful in many ways to homeowners who want to stay on budget. The biggest issue you might face while using a solar pool heater is its absolute dependence on the weather. However, the uses of solar equipment become efficient during the summer months as the machines produce heat much faster than its other competitors.

The above considerations should be in your mind before even thinking of paying for the best above ground pool heater. Only then, you can expect to extend your swimming sessions far beyond the summer and fall seasons.

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