Nayara Energy is a privately-held downstream energy company with its corporate office in Mumbai, India.
It has its refinery based out of Vadinar, Gujarat which is India’s largest, modern and complex single-site refinery with a focus on petrochemicals and manufactures other related products in the refining process.

We will discuss each of them further in this article.

Nayara Energy is a distinguished supplier of HSD
High-Speed Diesel (HSD), commonly referred to as diesel in the domestic market and as Gas Oil worldwide has applications ranging from the automotive industry to the agricultural industry.

HSD is normally used as a fuel in medium and high-speed compression ignition engines; those operating above 750 rpm such as in commercial vehicles, stationary diesel engines, locomotives and pumps and etc.
Nayara Energy manufactures HSD and is a distinguished supplier of HSD to major industries like Railways, State Road Transport, Fisheries, Agriculture, and Exploration etc.
Due to advancement in automation and infrastructure, Nayara Energy has an excellent turnaround time for tank truck movement. Also, their supply locations span the length and breadth of the nation which caters to the customers at various locations.

Nayara Energy also manufactures supreme quality HF-HSD
High Flash High-Speed Diesel (HF- HSD) is meant for bunkering. With exceptional on-time delivery, Nayara Energy is one of India's leading bunker suppliers and is currently operational at all major ports in western India.

Have you heard about Light Diesel Oil?
Light Diesel Oil (LDO) is used for operating low rpm engines. They cater to the requirement of mining companies, shipping industries, road contractors and various other industries.

Apart from crude oil products, Nayara Energy manufactures a wide array of chemicals used in various related industries. They are:

(1) Sulphur - Sulphur is recovered during various stages of refining crude oil. Sulphur produced at Nayara Energy’s refinery meets the need of various industries like fertilizer, dyes, detergent, sugar etc.

(2) Petcoke - Petroleum Coke is a carbon-rich product of the refining process. Petcoke is widely used in the cement industry, thermal power plants, lime kilns etc.

(3) Bitumen - Bitumen is a highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum which makes it perfect for road construction. It is also commonly used in weatherproofing and bonding products. Nayara Energy markets VG30 & VG40 grade bitumen and is a registered National Highway project supplier of bitumen across the country.

(4) Fly Ash - Fly ash is a coal combustion product that is composed of fine particles of burnt fuel. It is used as a Supplementary Cementing Materials (SCM) in the production of cement.

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Nayara Energy is one of the top petroleum company with the second-largest oil refinery in India. Formerly known as Essar Oil Ltd, Nayara Energy is presently the best downstream energy company in India