Did you know that Essar Petrol Pumps is owned and operated by Nayara Energy?

In 2017, Russia's energy giant Rosneft, Trafigura, and UCP Investment Group acquired Essar Oil for US$12.9 billion, making a grand entry into the world’s most sought after energy market i.e. India with plans of growing the fuel-retail space in the country and becoming the largest fuel-retail network.

Essar Oil is now known as Nayara Energy which is a downstream new-age modern energy company. However, Essar Petrol Pumps as a brand is the fuel-retail division, wholly owned and operated by Nayara Energy.
The petrol pump franchise business is booming for the company under the well-recognised ‘Essar Petrol Pumps’. Currently, Essar Petrol Pumps is the largest network of fuel retail outlets with 5340+ petrol pumps across India.
Essar Oil Petrol Pumps endeavour to reach the length and breadth of India – covering the national and state highways as well as the rural areas.
Essar Petrol Pumps believes in making everyone’s journey smoother and better by being #AapkeHarSafarKaSaathi.

Petrol pump business is a lucrative business opportunity with good returns. The emerging number of vehicles across the country has led to an increase in the demand for fuel, ultimately increasing the necessity for more petrol pumps!
Nayara Energy understands the importance of small and mid-sized businesses and hence offers franchise business of opening your petrol pump. Hence, you too can open your Essar Petrol Pump.
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Nayara Energy is one of the top petroleum company with the second-largest oil refinery in India. Formerly known as Essar Oil Ltd, Nayara Energy is presently the best downstream energy company in India