Did You Know Pleasure Can Help You Make More MONEY? (NO, I am not talking about prostitution!)

Pleasure can help you take your business and bottom line to the next level. I am not talking about using sex to sell...or prostitution, for that matter! Lol. When I say pleasure, I am not talking about sex! Let me first explain what pleasure is so we can be on the same page.

There are 4 different types of pleasure: Sensory Pleasure, Emotional Pleasure, Orgasmic Pleasure and Chemical-Induced Pleasure. The first three are au natural and free. When our bodies and mind decide the experience or moment is pleasant then we are having pleasure.

Sensory Pleasure: Comes from our 5 senses: Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste and Touch. Example: Drinking your morning coffee….mmmmmmm. That is sensory pleasure moment

Emotional Pleasure: Comes from our thoughts and emotions about an experience or moment. Example: You won tickets to see your favourite band. You feel happy, excited and even giddy.

Orgasmic Pleasure: Comes from a build-up of Sensory Pleasure and/or Emotional Pleasure until your body has soooo much pleasure that it naturally need to have an orgasmic release.. This is not always located in the genital region. Did you know you can have full-body orgasmic releases without ever touching your genitals?

Chemical-Induced Pleasure: This is caused by chemical-induced physical or mental pleasure release. Pharmaceuticals or recreational drugs and alcohol offer chemical-induced pleasure, but these are short-term pleasure moments with high short-term or long-term consequences. I will not be talking about this kind of pleasure in our article today, as that is a larger conversation that needs to be had. However, it is something you should be aware of.

Okay. Now that we are all on the same page, it is time to get into the juiciness of how pleasure can both directly and indirectly make you more money in your life. When you become an Ethical Pleasure Seeker, this is what happens:

*You are more attractive to the world - Everyone wants to spend time with you and become you. From a business perspective, you now have an endless stream of new clients, students and an audience who all want to give you money. (If the idea of the world being attracted to you freaks you out, then there might be some trauma that needs to be healed)

*In order to become a Ethical Pleasure Seeker, you must work on being more present and self-aware which increases your awareness skills. A happy byproduct is that you now are more present and can foresee problems in your business and fix them sooner… hopefully before they become very expensive teachable lessons. Overall, your business operations will run smoothly and more effectively, and your company’s bottom line is increased.

*You are happier and enjoy your day more, which means you have more energy!! This makes you more productive, and being more productive means having more money!

*Pleasure moments release biochemicals in our bodies that help override unhealthy stress hormones that are the leading causes of physical, emotional and mental illness. Being healthy means working at top performance. Top performance from you and your staff creates more money overall, while sickness costs you and your business unwanted costs that drain the bank account and bottom line.

*When you can learn how to harness orgasmic pleasure to be productive, you have now hit the mother-load of money and success. Orgasmic pleasure is tapping into pure creation (remember everything on earth has been created from mating/humping…) Not only is creating and development easy, but everything that is created from orgasmic, arousal pleasure, everyone wants. Most people don't know why they are drawn to it, but they can't help it!! MORE MONEY!!!

Those are the top 5 benefits of becoming an Ethical Pleasure Seeker, however, there are many more awesome things that happen as a happy byproduct of taking that journey and making pleasure your new superpower in business!

It is important that you notice that I talk about ethical pleasure seeking!! That is honourable, respectful and consensual of the people around you. Due to the fact that we live in a culture that is oppressive of pleasure with many unhealthy models of pleasure, relationships and sexuality, most people don't know how to do this safely and respectfully. You are not alone in this!! Especially in the workforce. So, please come hang out with me so I can help you discover how to become an Ethical Pleasure Seeker in business. “Pleasure Leads to Profit Course” https://succulent-living.teachable.com/p/pleasure-leads-to-profit-guided...

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Until next time!
Have a happy pleasure filled bum wiggling day
Gaia Morrissette

Author's Bio: 

For over 10 years Gaia Morrissette has been an renown international speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach who makes the world a happier, safer and sexier place for us all. She believes the keys to a happy, healthy, wealthy, magical and EPIC orgasmic life is ; Sexual Wellness, Embracing the human experience and releasing fear, shame , guilt and self-loathing. Gaia supports people living with more pleasure through Holistic Sexual Wellness, Trauma Recovery, and Divine Sexual and Elemental Magicks. She is a Holistic Sexual Wellness and BDSM Wellness Specialist and High Priestess. Her philosophy is that for true Sexual Wellness to happen you must look at these 5 aspects: Play, Sensuality, Sexuality, Exploration and Sacred. Her published book: Stop! Drop! & Wiggle! explores the first aspect which is our foundation of Happiness: PLAY. Gaia is the Founder of SucculentLiving.com , Divinealchemy.guru, empressgaia.com and the Succulent Living Institute. Her education and training consist of, sexology, trauma recovery, life coaching, tantra training, sex coaching, and lots of practice in the areas of play, healing, and exploring