For years, Bodybuilders have been scouring the land for the best possible performance enhancers – be it drug based or otherwise. Up until fairly recently it was commonplace to find athletes using steroids to achieve physical perfection. Of course, nowadays in the UK and the US these drugs are monitored substances that might well get you banned from whichever sporting event you are participating in and trained so very hard for... but that wasn't always the case.

Dianabol is the brand name of the steroid 'Metandienone'. The drug was first prescribed in America in 1958 as a synthesised substance meant to aid the recovery of burn victims – but athletes and Bodybuilders alike quickly became aware of its other, non-prescription benefits.

Dianabol (sometimes known as Dbol) lets your muscles retain nitrogen, therefore allowing you to turn the vast majority of any protein you ingest straight into muscle, and therefore helps you to bulk up fast. Users claim it makes your muscles grow at incomparable rates – but this claim is questionable at best. Ever since the original Dianabol was banned researchers have been looking into ways to recreate the Steroids affects without the negative benefits. As mentioned on website, D-Bal (Crazy Bulk), for example, is one such performance tested substitute that can provide the gain without all the drama of the awful side effects associated with Steroids.

So why would you want an alternative to Dianabol if it works as well as they say it does? Well, basically, it's not all that safe. Side effects are varied and horrendous, and include: hair growth everywhere except the scalp, where you might consider that a bonus, oily skin and acne, excess testosterone (and the symptoms associated), fluid retention, breast enlargement (yes, you read that right,) voice changes and, ultimately, liver damage. Sounds peachy.

While the side effects and negative impact of steroidal drugs is unquestionable; there are reliable alternatives. As mentioned before, researchers have spent many years trying to simulate the pluses and lose the negatives. Besides being quality tested and researched beyond your wildest dreams; most of these alternatives are legal, don't put you at risk and will do an exemplary job if you follow the instructions. They also won't get you banned from the competition that you trained so hard to take part in, nor will people frown at you when you tell them you are on steroids.

So when it comes to Dianabol alternatives there really is no question as to whether or not you should choose the real thing. The drug itself is banned, bad for you and has more side effects than Heroin. Why would you risk the body you worked so hard to achieve for gains that will be overshadowed by your breaking voice and your acne when there is a safer, healthier and much, much more legal alternative available to you? Be safe out there, gain wisely, and for goodness sake, don't take a chance on your health.

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