Diamond painting is like a new hobby or work lover women's. It is more like crafting. However, it sounds like working with diamonds but it is not. It is more like painting with numbers having cross-stitch & shiny mosaic all combined in one. It is an interesting work for almost every aged person like kids or elderlies. It is like picking up the diamonds & placing it like given in the pattern. Today you are going to learn some of the tips & tricks on diamond paint.

Choose whatever you feel good to do

There are various type & models of diamond painting available to buy. Always choose something that enlightens you to work and never make you bored. Large paintings can be painful sometimes, as you will be working closely to the dots so choose based on your liking so that you find it cheerful to work.

Using Tools

You might easily get bored of filling up the line for a long time. There are various tools to fill up diamonds in a row more than one at a time. This tool can take from 3-9 diamonds at a time & help you filling up straight lines of the same color.

How you work!

First, you take out the sheet covering small sections of canvas with adhesive. Then you start to cover the sections with diamonds & sometime you may find larger pieces of diamonds, which can because of your trouble! I meant the rhythm of filling up might get imbalanced & that is why you will snip slits on the clear sheet to save time & rhythm both.

As the cover of the canvas has been removed, you better hurry up while filling, because the adhesive is drying out. You need to be fast on your hands. Do not panic if you are a noob. You will find your way if you just love your work.

Working with one color at a time will be easier for you. You can start from wherever you want. If you are right handed you can start from the top/bottom right corner & if left-handed then from the top/bottom left corner or you are going to start from the middle! Some people often find it beautiful to start from the middle & go through all over the canvas from the middle.

However, beginning from the top is better because it will help you keep the sheet nice, clean & dust free. Working section by section also helps you to keep the filled diamonds from the fuzz of your hand or sweat. You may also find it peaceful to push back the finished section of the canvas by working from top to bottom.

Separating stuck Diamonds

As the diamonds are made of very light ingredients & it has nature of getting stick to others so to avoid this type of situation you can use dryer sheet that will stop the diamond pieces from sticking one to another. You can use a fingernail to try your problem apart but it's better to keep all the diamonds in a plastic tray & push it with another plastic tray. You will hear the sound of diamonds tearing apart. After a few moments, everything will be just fine to work on.

Flatten your canvas

Smaller size canvas easily gets curly while you take it from the shipping box. Use plastic tape in the corners of the pages & stick the paper with the board just to avoid it from getting curly. Or you can also keep the papers under your mattress & sleep over it for a night. It will work & the canvas paper will be more straighten than before, but one thing to remember that you should keep it under your bed after only adding all the diamonds on the canvas.

Well optimized Containers

This is all up to you & how you like to keep the diamonds. You can keep them in a different jar or plastic bags or you can also collect small containers for especially keeping diamonds. It will be easier for you if diamonds are kept separately in different colors.


Well, it is much satisfactory to find the desired diamonds easily & without any hesitation. To do it you will need to label each container/bags of diamonds differently. You can write down the numbers of their colors & symbol on the container. Use marker pens to write on the bags/jars so it may become easier to find.

Touch Gently

This is quite annoying when you’re sticking the diamonds on the papers & suddenly you press it too hard that diamonds gets popped up from the tool. Simply replace the gum. The adhesive on the canvas is quite stronger than the adhesive on the tool & to avoid it from popping up touch gently while fixing it. You don’t need to push harder to stick the diamonds with the canvas just be cautious while doing it.

Clean the Dust

It happens more often when you place the diamonds & the adhesive is stuck on the tool. Simply use wet papers or clothes to remove the dust off the sheets. Keep in mind that do not rub so heavily that diamonds get removed from the canvas.

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