History tells that diamond necklaces have always been considered as the best gift for your beloved and also as a status symbol. After all, who can forget the controversial diamond necklace business?

Here is the story in a nutshell:

In 1772, Louis XV of France planned to make a diamond necklace for Madame du Barry, with whom he was in love. Parisian jewelers were slated to do so at an estimated cost of Livres 2 million. However, meanwhile, Louis XV died and du Barry was banished from court by Lois XVI; and now there was no one to buy the necklace.

The Parisians thought that the new Queen would buy the necklace, however, she denied it. It is rumored that it was because the necklace was originally made for someone else.

A scammer named Jeanne de Saint-Rémy de Valois entered the scene now; she devised a plan to use the necklace to gain wealth. She was married to a gendarmes officer, the Sociable Earl of la Motte, and later, in March 1974, she became the mistress of Cardinal Rohan, whom the Queen regarded with disgust at having spread rumors about the behavior of the queen with her formidable mother who was the Australian empress.

The cardinal was in a constant attempt to regain favor with the queen, so that he could become the king's minister. Meanwhile, Jeanne tried to persuade the Cardinal by saying that she had been received by the queen and is now enjoying her royal favors. However, the truth is that she entered the court through her lover named Rétaux de Villette. Jeanne assured the cardinal that she was speaking on behalf of him to the queen.

Later, when the Cardinal requested a meeting with the Queen, Jeanne arranged it, however it was not the Queen but a prostitute named Nicole Leguay d'Oliva who looked like the Queen.

Jeanne began taking large sums of money from the Cardinal declaring that it was for the Queen's charity work. Most people believed in the alleged relationship between the queen and Jeanne. The Persians now thought of using Jeanne to sell her necklace. He refused first, but then agreed. In January 1785 Jeanne convinced the cardinal that the queen wanted the famous diamond necklace, but did not want to publicly buy the expensive necklace.

The Cardinal claimed to have the Queen's letter of authorization, which was actually written by Rétaux de Villette, and Jeanne somehow convinced the Cardinal that the letter was actually delivered by the Queen. The cardinal used the letter to buy the necklace and pay for it in installments. Secretly, Jeanne's husband dressed up when the Queen's valet took the cardinal's necklace and went to London to sell it in pieces. https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B06W2PFXFT

Later, when it was time to pay, Jeanne presented Cardinal's notes; However, as they were insufficient, the Parisians complained to the Queen, who later revealed that the Queen had never asked for a necklace. On August 15, 1785, everyone waited for the King and Queen at court, where the Cardinal was found guilty of being so foolish because a letter from the Queen can never have the surnames of royalty.

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Later, when it was time to pay, Jeanne presented Cardinal's notes; However, as they were insufficient, the Parisians complained to the Queen.