A national audit conducted in the UK shows nearly 50% diabetics suffer from high blood pressure as well. Diabetes UK, a charitable entity, found the results alarming, more so as the audit involved over two million diabetics. Our Canadian pharmacy found they were being treated for it without much importance being given to keep high blood pressure under control. The results are bound to create complications in the future. Emergency treatment will become necessary with high probability of developing other chronic medical conditions like kidney failure, heart attack, and stroke.

The situation has gone out of hand with just 50.7% diabetics being able to control high blood pressure. It is a dangerous trend with majority of cases unaware the lifestyle disease can have very serious implications on health. People tend to ignore hypertension, as there are very few signs indicating the disease. Medical complications creep in earlier than usual, and people are likely to face death much earlier than the average non diabetic will.

Health Professionals Must Help Diabetics Control Hypertension

Consciousness is a major issue among diabetics, and health professionals must play an active role in helping patients suffering from diabetes control their high blood pressure. They must understand how to recognize symptoms indicating the disease. Physicians can provide guidance about medication and monitoring the lifestyle ailment. For example, people buy Avapro from our Canadian pharmacy to control hypertension under medical supervision.

Researchers have found people get used to hypertension and focus on controlling blood sugar to retain good health. They face chronic illnesses like stroke and kidney failure much earlier than others. Unfortunately, they believe it is inevitable and tend to ignore evidence of high blood pressure. If regular checkups indicate hypertension, health professionals must prescribe medication for blood pressure and teach patients how to cope up with the disease.

A continuous process must be adopted to deal with high blood pressure to bring it to an acceptable level over the long term. For instance, the figure of over 2 million people suffering from type 1and type 2 diabetes in 2009 is likely to increase creating more complications with other associated diseases. Monitoring blood pressure must be done continuously, which is not happening at the moment. Just 9% of around 2.9 million diabetics in the UK undergo yearly blood pressure checkups. Experts have verified blood pressure readings should not exceed 130/80 in people suffering from diabetes, while it can be higher at 140/85 in people without diabetes.

Lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking must be curbed to allow medication to have effect. If a diabetic is used to sedentary lifestyle, regular exercise can create major positive changes like increased capability to face stress. Adopting a balanced and nutritious diet also helps in resolving complications arising out of high blood sugar levels. Experts recommend nine yearly healthcare checkups, which normally indicate whether associated medical complications can creep in. Physicians then cater to individual medical needs, provide appropriate advice and treatment. Generic Avapro is the ideal choice for patients wanting to prevent clogging of arteries. It can be cheaply and quickly procured from our Canadian pharmacy.

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