Diabetes is noted to be one of the most common abnormal health complications through which many people are suffering with. Every 3 out of 10 people are noted to be suffering with the diabetes. It is basically the disease that is caused due the insufficient amount of the insulin production in the body. Insulin is the substance produced by the Pancreas to regulate the amount of the sugar in the body and convert it into the form that body requires. But, due to the malfunctioning of the pancreas the insulin production is retarded and undigested form of sugar gets mixed with the blood thus leading to the diabetes. The worst thing about diabetes is it is lifelong disease and you need to learn with it.

Diabetes patients can eat sugar, but in limited quantity. No doctor would suggest the complete stopping of sugar intake. If the doctor is asking you this, then you may need to change the doctor or take other doctors opinion at least. There is misconception prevalent among the people that sugar is the only cause for the diabetes. This is myth about the diabetes and I want to recommend the people that not to believe in this myth. The intake of the sugar is must for the body because it is the energy resource of the body. If you have less amount of sugar then you will feel weak and dizzy. Diabetes is the disease caused due to the fluctuating levels of sugar. So, if you eat the sugar in limited amount then it will not harm you at all.

Diabetic patient needs to follow certain diet regime in order to keep the sugar levels in the normal range. Generally the foods containing fats and carbohydrates are asked to the reduced as they contain too much amount of the sugars. Sweets are asked to be eaten only a piece not more than that. In short, balanced diet is the best thing to be followed by the diabetic patient. Doing the regular exercise is another method that is being suggested to control the rising levels of the sugar in the body. Walking is the best form of the exercise that burns the unnecessary amount of the sugars in the body.

In many cases of diabetes, the person is noted to suffering with the diabetes due to the genes. It clears that diabetes is hereditary. If any one of your parents is suffering with the diabetes then you have double chances of suffering with it. So, certainly in such cases whether you eat sugar or not you are going to get the diabetes. So, please get away from this myth that only sugar intake makes you prone to diabetes. It is not the sugar intake, but the improper regulation of the sugar in the body makes you prone to the diabetes. So, the doctor suggests you to reduce the sugar intake.

The suggestion to cut down the complete intake of the sugars is being given by the doctors only in the extreme cases. But, sometimes this may result in the lowering of the sugar that results in the more health complications. So, cut down the complete intake of the sugar only if doctor has asked you to do so. The sugars are the necessary nutrients for the body and are required in certain fixed amount to perform certain important body functions. So, cutting down the complete intake of the sugar will not be a good option because those body functions would be affected due to this. So, please do stop the sugar intake completely even if you are suffering with the diabetes.

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