While it is not quite correct to say that there is an officially recognized direct connection between these two diseases, most researchers agree that it is likely that there is. So bear in mind, that the official verdict that diabetes and gingival disease are interrelated has not come yet. However, most professionals think and act as if they are.

What is the problem exactly? Well, problem involves an elevated inflammatory response. The way that periodontal disease can harm your body's way of dealing with sugar is as follows. Diseased gum tissue develops into a long-term chronic infection. As a result, there are elevated levels of inflammatory response chemicals in the blood stream. One of the unfortunate results of inflammation is that the insulin receptors on the surface of the body's cells tend to become fewer. Without as many cell receptors for insulin, it is much harder for the body to process sugar.

You are left with high blood glucose levels and this is a problem. This is one of the proposed theories of how these diseases are interrelated. In fact, the way that gum disease is related to many diseases may have something to do with the long term chronic infection that this disease produces.

The inflammatory response is great for short term problems. But when the response is chronic, the body is weakened in multiple ways. It is important to stop periodontal disease. Next: follow the links below to learn how to defeat gingivitis and keep it from coming back again.

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