Diabetes is a sweet disease, but let me tell you it ain’t that sweet when it comes to your mood and mental health with those blood sugar spikes.
Many of us don’t realize that although most of the time this condition is merely managing the physical side of things ie blood sugar control, diet and exercise… we don’t look at the PSYCHOLOGICAL effects of this condition that could lead to more pain and misery in the long run.

So when you are having mood swings or even depression, understand that it's completely OKAY to be feeling that way and it's not your fault!

Mood swings or depression in diabetics may be due to:

• Fluctuations in blood sugar levels. This is especially true if blood glucose is extremely high or extremely low.
Anxiety from a positive diagnosis.
• Stress from constant monitoring of blood sugar levels.
• Frustration with a change in diet.
• Stress on relationships with their friends & family.
• Feeling scared as the complications and signs of diabetes progress.
• Feelings of confusion, frustration, or just being overwhelmed by medical advice and lifestyle changes.

Although depression typically affects more females than male, research has found as age catches up with men, their hormonal health changes dramatically as testosterone levels are depleted and oestrogen levels rise.

This is known as Andropause.

When these hormonal changes are also compounded with the blood sugar fluctuations of type 2 diabetes, some unusual patterns of mood and emotions can manifest in older men.

WHAT men eat, and WHEN, affects the major hormones that keep them emotionally and physically fit. Dietitians and doctors also point to the benefits of regular exercise and communication in managing these issues.

Many men go through a period of guilt, anger and remorse when they find out they have type 2 diabetes.

They know that, through their lifestyle choices, they may have contributed to the development of a condition that will change their life forever.

Or they may blame others for ‘leading them’ to their current state.

If you have diabetes, you MAY express long-withheld emotions - sometimes chaotically. A diabetic patient may be unaware of even severe mood swings; and act as if a current emotion is a valid basis for long-term decisions.

Emotional outbursts may follow minor events or small lifestyle changes.

For example, you may angrily criticise other family members, or suddenly announce an unusual decision to business associates.

Yet they may also quickly forget such conversations. Criticised family members, and business associates affected by hasty decisions may respond with their own emotions and reduced trust for you.

So please remember: emotional conflicts can spiral to create chaos.

Here are 6 ways to handle these mood swings and depression:

1. Follow the diet and eating habits above ie eating more whole foods, water-rich vegetables, good proteins and fats.

2. Stay away from highly processed foods, alcohol, cigarettes and abusive substances.

3. Get out of the house and be active. Exercise , go meet up with friends, go for a walk in the park etc.

4. Managing your blood sugar levels has a direct effect towards your mood and overall well being.

5. Speak honestly with your doctor about your mental well-being.

6. Don't hide your feelings. Alienating yourself when you are most vulnerable can harm you and your relationships with friends & family.

Look, if you suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes, you simply CANNOT afford to put this off.

Diabetes WILL kill you ... if you let it!

But the good news is you DON'T have to let that happen. You don't have to suffer blindness, heart disease or even amputation.

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