DHI Hair Transplant is the modern transplant surgical treatment following the Follicular Unit Extraction. Direct Hair Implantation, abbreviated as DHI, is being opted for its higher success probability using modern and feasible equipment. As with other transplant surgeries, DHI is also an effective treatment of pattern baldness in men, and hair loss in women. Baldness and thinning hair occur as a consequence of several genetic disorders, stress, certain environmental factors, age, and unhealthy diets. While some people choose medications for treatment, they do not ensure as much success as surgical hair transplant methods do. The surgical methods provide a higher success rate as compared to the medications, which come with various side-effects with lesser chances of success.
Although DHI Hair Transplant is a modern form of FUE, the process has some specifications which differ it from the FUE. The two significant differences are during the hair implantation method and the implantation equipment. In the FUE procedure, the surgeon scars canals for manual hair plantation in the recipient area. Whereas in DHI, the surgeon uses a tool called as Choi Implanter Pen. The extracted follicles from the donor area are loaded onto this pen and implanted in forming canals before extraction. The method is quick with higher precision as the Implanter Pen facilitates correct angle, direction, and depth of implanted hair. Another difference between DHI from FUE is the quality of grafts. The quality of follicular grafts is maintained in DHI, to ensure implantation success.
DHI Hair Transplant surgery is accomplished in three phases. Prior to the surgery, it is necessary to quit smoking and taking any alcoholic beverage as they impact hair regrowth. The first phase involves the extraction of follicles. For this purpose, the donor area is shaved and made numb using any anesthetic. A disposal tool with 1mm or less diameter is utilized to extract the follicles from the donor area. This area is stitched by the Trichophytic Closure method. These follicles are kept in a solution that stabilizes them and enhances their regrowth ability. The second phase involves Implantation. The recipient area affected with baldness is also made numb. Using a sharp needle, small incisions are made. Hair follicles are then implanted using Choi Implanter Pen which also has up to 1 mm diameter. The donor and recipient areas are then covered with bandages to enable their recovery. The third phase involves the recovery phase. The surgeon prescribes medications such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relievers to allow painless, quick, and safe recovery. Some precautions are also prescribed that ensure the success of surgical treatment. Finally, results come as natural looking hair according to the person’s original hair.
DHI Hair Transplant is a good treatment for those affected by genetic baldness, loss of hair through burns, scars, injuries, and male pattern baldness. This method offers success for all. The prerequisites and precautions initiate two weeks before the surgery. The treatment usually takes about 10 hours to complete. The patients can also choose to complete the treatment in 2-3 days. 4000 grafts can be implanted in this surgery. The grafts do not require manual preparation after extraction as the follicles can be extracted and implanted as they are. There is no scarring, swelling, and lower complication risk. DHI hair transplant provides a 95% success rate. Within 2-3 months, new hairs start to grow, and full hair regrowth can be seen in 12-18 months.
An experienced surgeon must be consulted for DHI Hair Transplant. There are various advantages to this method. The hair implanting tool is fine-tipped facilitation desired angle, depth, and direction of hair transplant. Implantation can be done quickly and frequently. The solution in which follicles are dipped preserve their quality, thus the surgery can be completed in different sessions. The healing time after this surgery is less and most patients can resume work in 2-4 days. The follicles are relocated at the same time of extraction with continued cell division, which allows faster hair regrowth. Patients with healthy routines, age less than 35, and sufficient donor grafts available are most suited for this treatment and have a higher success rate.
DHI Hair Transplant offers the higher success of hair regrowth for patients suffering from hair loss issues because of modern technology and precision equipment. The risks associated with surgery can be minimized by properly following the directed precautions and medications. The surgery takes a long time and is not suitable for patients taking blood-thinners. But this method is promising to mediate hair loss for both men and women and to restore the confidence lost from personality complex. If you want to know more detail, click https://www.cheaphairrtransplant.com/

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