The most prominent uPVC windows and doors solution providers offer aesthetically pleasing and durable products. They offer environment-friendly doors and windows, which are termite free and require low maintenance. These companies produce products that are recyclable, ecofriendly, possess great insulation, and are corrosion proof.

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One such prominent name in the uPVC windows and doors solution industry is Dhabriya Polywood Limited.It was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 in the year 1992. The company commenced its commercial production of R-PVC (Rigid Poly Vinyl Chloride) profiles in the year 1995 under its registered brand name “Polywood”. It derived the brand name from the idea of making polymer-based wood substitute products and started manufacturing PVC doorprofiles.

Advice for the Young Entrepreneurs

Mr. Digvijay advises the emerging entrepreneurs who aspire to enter the uPVC Window and Door Solutions space to understand that it is a big space, where one may enter at various levels such as a profile manufacturer, a window fabricator, or dealer. He states that the Indian demography makes it a huge market for u-PVC doors and Windows.

Towards an Interesting Future

Marching ahead, Dhabriya Polywood Limited plans on expanding its services to new territories and to start a dealership or franchise model to be able to cater better to the retail market. The company aims to become the biggest window fabrication facility and cover the entire north and south region. It further aims to launch various new types of windows and to distribute UPVC window profiles to window fabricators pan India.

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