When deep' gratitude' weds with immense' faith' then a magical child is born by the name 'devotion'. Devotion is the combination of two of the strongest forces of this nature... the ones that can be given defiance by none. Gratitude and faith. Devotion is an ability that can toss its bearer to dimension where all hemisphere seize to exercise their respective pulls and pressures. A true devout is the one that itself is the personification of its core objective. Knowingly or unknowingly if you become impregnated of this magical wonder i.e. devotion; then it is for sure that no force upon this planet shall be able to retain you from your deeper yearning.
Gratitude is a force that opens up the recipient. Its advent in true form with all immidiacy bull dozes all unecessary impediments of all kinds... be it prejudice, ego, bias, jealousy, conflict or else... nothing can then stand affront the bearer of this most formidable force from the family of positivity. Have you ever witnessed the large intercontinental ballistic missiles launch from their launch pad. The moment the launch has to trigger just before that a bulky plate atop it moves aside giving the missile with an opportunity to launch itself. For it is for sure that if the plate or lid atop missile does not give way the missile with whatever might beheld within cannot charge to cherish its objective. The matter is somewhat similar in the case of an aspirant who yearns to charge towards realization of its objective but lies deeply embedded beneath a thick bulky metallic plate whose removal seems almost impossible. That plate atop our charge( towards our objectives) is beyond any effort to pierce since it is made up by a metallurgical endeavor that entails strongest metals that are impediments for any move. Those constituents are the ones mentioned in beginning of this paragraph ( prejudices, ego, bias.jealousy, conflict etc).
With gratitude coming into place within our seat of understanding; the plate atop faces requisite command along with required lubrication in order to move... and it has to move... all constituents that otherwise had proved so far as marvel of exclusive metallurgy then fall as a pack of play cards before this master of greater heavens. Gratitude opens up the deeper faculty within a human being that acts as a recipient... in other words it opens up the doors for a seeker to learn and grow. Without which however good and far reaching a missile be it is forced to remain and rest upon its launch pad.
Faith the force that enthuses life of enthusiasm and courage into the dead wood... even... It is a force that enables its bearer bank upon the infinite source of confidence. Many who hold all ability but are not able to charge with their first step... maintain status quo for years and years together and at times the entire life falls prey to lack of confidence. Faith upon self or divine means the same as far it does not touch the domains of boastfulness or inactivity. Faith is a word that can be best understood by looking towards the sky at great ease and affirming that it has always been the same and with all assurance it has never and shall never ever fall upon earth. Faith is realized with a glance towards the sun that has always been and shall always be custodian of its family... though borne with volcanic eruptions every moment it still nourishes every particle of this planet without fail. Faith is there with a mere look upon the sky atop one... and if that scale is inadequate to enthuse faith in one than rest all is meaningless... Bank on self;Bank upon our creator for it has all in store. Restore normalcy to all faculties of your mind. End fear, anxiety, apprehensions, skepticism, inertia, depression and take your due force from the sun and start moving.
Yes it is easy to say but difficult to accomplish. And this author know it very well. This author dinesh kumar also knows that whenever whosoever has applied the given exercise has soon come out of the clutches of the devilish elements mentioned in the previous para. Desire2will. If you have won that is deep then the requisite will too is at your door.
Those who are able to wed their gratitude with faith then find a magical child by the name devotion. Devotion once born colors ones every single activity of the day... its mystic property maintains ecstasy in dimensions of ones life... it flows into ones veins and takes over complete charge of ones response system... behavioral patterns etc... think - think and join the party where divine syrup is served.

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