“No man is a success in business unless he loves his work.” - Quote by Florence Scovel Shinn

When you love what you do, you bring a positive, meaningful, and inspiring energy to all that you do. With that positive energy you can discover moments of self-awareness that will keep you focused on any challenge you might face. So focus your energy on tasks you love doing and give your life a sense of enjoyment and completion. When you really care about yourself, you tend to work with determination and satisfaction.

Here are seven important behavior patterns that work to increase your energy.

1. Be aware of how you work and pay attention to each task.

Are you wasting energy? Tasks that are completed in a half-hearted, disinterested manner drains your energy. You won’t do your best. Also, when your plans and the way you work are not well thought out, you tend to use more energy. If you work when you are anxious and tense, or inattentive, your energy suffers. A lack of energy takes you twice as long to complete the task and leaves you more tired, with less accomplished.

2. Know what motivates you to do a certain task.

Why are you motivated to do certain tasks versus other tasks? When you believe that your skill, talent and experience is important, it allows you to be positive and work with a high degree of professionalism. You are then able to bring your uniqueness to the task. Several studies reveal that you are the happiest and most effective when you use your individual abilities to the highest level possible. Loving what you do allows you to rise beyond your current limitations So, the more motivated you are, the more you love what you do, the more you and others benefit from the results.

4. Try not to rush through a task.

Allow yourself enough time and work with a plan. Setting priorities so that you spend less time on meaningless tasks, interruptions, and distractions saves you valuable time and energy. If the task is different than what you are used to doing, accept and expect it in a positive way. The change tends to reward you more when you accept it gracefully and not rush through it to get it over with. To welcome change also gives you courage to discover new areas for greater success. Your energy depends on keeping an open mind and a positive attitude toward change.

5. When your task is finished, double check your results.

Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished? Did you complete the task in the time allowed, or did you use more energy than you expected? Learn to accept responsibility for doing a task well. When you do, you are empowered and your destiny is shaped according to how well you completed that task. When you rely on your own power to get a task done, you need not look for other people or circumstances for your success. Take control and create your own destiny.

6. Change your thought patterns to focus on positive results.

This allows you to reach your goals with the least amount of energy being used.

7. Surround yourself with positive, competent people.

When you surround yourself with negative people, how do you react? Is it a reflection of your own attitude? It works the same when your attitude is a positive one or a negative one. The more positive you are, the more you will attract positive people to you. When you are confident of your skills, abilities, and experiences, your energy level increases. You are better able to accomplish each task and will do your best work. Confidence is a positive reaction and is what others will see.

If you are confident, they will react to you in a positive way. So, learning to focus your energy on being positive, confident, and competent, you create more positive energy in your own life. If you like what you do, the task will be performed better and at your highest level of energy. Your energy comes from the inner vision you carry of yourself. When you perform at your highest level, your mind and body are both strengthened. And from that strength, whatever you do adds to your inner awareness.

When you bring an attitude of enjoyment and gratitude to your tasks, every experience increases your energy level. You will find that no task is beyond your will or desire to complete. Try starting each day with a feeling of creative energy that expresses your inner positive spirit, then go out to inspire others. Face each new day with an excitement and gratitude that comes from knowing that the next opportunity is yours for the taking and in doing what you love to do.

The way you do your work relates to the way you think. If you like what you do, the task will be performed better and with your highest level of energy. Your energy level comes from the inner vision you carry of yourself. When you perform at your highest level, your mind and body are both strengthened. And from that strength, whatever you do adds to your inner awareness.

Whatever task you have to do, whether it is something you love doing, or whether it is a difficult one that suddenly emerged, the difference will be in your attitude and how you handle it. Learn to use your energy wisely, with patience and enjoyment. The more you focus on doing something well, and with gratitude, it will be easier when the more difficult tasks come along.

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