Call center agents wouldn’t be effective without their tools. Some agents are only as good as the tools at their disposal, since these devices help them simultaneously accomplish a number of tasks. Multitasking is one skill that all call center agents must possess. Performing several functions at once is no easy chore, but with these helpful tools around, a call center agent’s job is never too difficult.

Equipment used by call center agents refers to both hardware and software. Hardware used by call center agents includes a computer and a telephone; these help facilitate clear communication between the customer and the agent. Software, on the other hand, refers to computer programs such as Internet browsers and text editors. Such tools help the agent take note of the customer’s problems and come up with an effective solution.

Software programs in call centers operate according to their users’ specific needs. For instance, a representative working for a cable company would have tools that allow the representative to check a client’s cable connection or channel line-up. Other devices that a call center company would most likely use are:

Predictive dialers

This call center tool has many features. There are some dialers that are capable of dialing several numbers at once, while some have auto-answer functions. This particular tool also enables call diverting or redirecting. Transferring a call from one agent to another is the primary purpose of call diverting.

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems

A call center company that handles a large volume of inbound calls makes extensive use out of IVR systems. An IVR system helps call centers authenticate and segregate the customers who call the company. After going through the automated system, customers are given the option to talk to an agent or representative regarding the issue or problem they’re experiencing.


Gone are the days when call center agents have to hold a handset to listen and talk to clients. The phones used by most agents these days are equipped with headsets, to allow the agents to type information about the customer’s problem while the call is ongoing. This convenience helps the agent handle the call and resolve the problem quickly and more effectively.

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