At present, face recognition security turnstiles gate is widely used in business office buildings, railway stations, large-scale venues and so on. Of course, with the development of technology industrialization, more and more places need to apply it to the security turnstiles gate. There is no need for cards, fingerprints, reservations, etc. to pass, just brush your face easily. At present, the security turnstiles gate access control system has experienced more than 20 years of development, and the security turnstiles access control is almost everywhere in shopping malls, units, communities and subways. It can be said that the traditional security turnstiles gate has been widely used.

At present, the face recognition security turnstile gate can be directly upgraded to the old traditional turnstile gate, which can not only save the expensive cost of replacing the whole gate, but also save the cost Materials, to protect the environment. If the old turnstile gate can not be transformed, once the new turnstile gate is installed, the old one will be thrown away, sold and abandoned.

The school library is a place for students to borrow and inquire information. Some libraries are also open to the outside world, so the flow of personnel is relatively large, and it is not easy to manage. With the help of face recognition security turnstiles gate, campus personnel can enter face information and get permission to pass and borrow; off campus personnel need to enter face information through small programs and other management systems in order to obtain corresponding permission, which ensures the borrowing and security management of campus books;

Face recognition can also be applied in Campus attendance and examination system, through high-precision management Face recognition system, can avoid class with punch or check-in situation, teachers or parents can also know the attendance of students in class; exam invigilator work will become more simple, face recognition examinee, also can avoid the emergence of behavior! In addition, there are many applications of face recognition technology in campus, such as dining hall consumption, gymnasium, scientific research building and so on. Face recognition has a more secure verification method.

In fact, as a social person, it's easy to find that there are some management deficiencies in the old residential areas. Outsiders can enter the residential areas at will, and people who post advertisements, engage in sales promotion, issue bills and don't know can get in and out of the residential areas at will. As a result, the residents often have few things, the society is noisy, and the environment of the residential areas is getting worse. Some people will worry about it It will be troublesome to install face recognition access control or face recognition security turnstiles gate. In fact, as long as the owners input information and collect faces, people who have not registered information in the system will not be able to go in and out freely after the system is officially opened, which effectively prevents strangers from going in and out at will and further strengthens the community security management. It's very simple.

Due to the strict registration and professional management system of personnel access, integrating advanced face recognition technology, ID card scanning, ID card chip information reading and other technologies, it can quickly complete the registration of personnel, effectively manage visitors, and realize the functions of advance appointment of visitors through Internet of things and Internet of things. Visitors can read, verify and quickly input ID card information through the intelligent visitor all-in-one machine.

Through face recognition technology, visitors can verify whether their identity information matches. It is convenient for visitors to quickly register, save and query information. ID card verification has the advantages of identification reader, built-in special security control module (SAM), simple installation, convenient use and fast card reading speed. It can identify a variety of identity information, and can take one-stop operation for visitors, such as door registration, portrait comparison, exit check-out, record query and data summary. It is simple, convenient, efficient management, and effectively strengthen the access to places Security.

When the community access control management enables the face recognition access control system, it solves the problem of security risks caused by the old access card is easy to be copied. It is based on face recognition technology. Face is not easy to copy. Compared with the traditional access card and fingerprint, it is more secure and difficult to copy. Strangers can't sneak in with makeup, wig, hat, glasses and other methods. Almost every owner has lost or forgotten his access control key. He can only ask the security guard to open the door, but he has no such worry. And imagine a rainy day: residents with big bags and small bags, with children, but also to free a hand bag to find the key to open the door, in a hurry, this situation can be said to be very inconvenient, for the owners to solve this embarrassment.

Employee attendance, field management, leave business trip, etc., directly affect the sales of products, affect the market share of products. Some enterprises mainly use the fingerprint punch in system, so there will be a generation of punch in phenomenon. Using the punch in system to locate loopholes, in order to be lazy, not to the designated location to punch in.

The use of attendance system can not vividly identify the loopholes, and take a remake of the screen or photos. Some field staff are familiar with the store staff through signature, bribery and other ways, and sign on behalf of them. Unable to grasp the accurate attendance data, not only can not give play to the great value of each employee's contribution to the enterprise, resulting in the loss of human costs, but also behind the false attendance data, will lead to a series of false work data. For example, FMCG Brand salesmen, behind the false attendance, will also lead to false display execution data, promotion data, competitive product display data and so on, which makes enterprises unable to grasp a series of data of goods in the terminal.

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