Most of us think that creativity comes as a gift to some people and we believe that successful musicians and painters were born with an inbuilt talent. Creativity doesn’t come as an inbuilt trait, it has to be nurtured and developed with persistent efforts. Everyone has some creativity in them and if worked upon this creativity can be developed significantly.
Great writers like Shakespeare did not always know that they had a gift; it was only because they had faith in themselves that they kept working hard towards building this creativity. If Shakespeare had thought that he was not meant to be successful he wouldn’t have been successful. Whatever the mind conceives can be achieved. If the mind conceives images of success then you can be successful, but if the mind has self doubt then even if you try you cannot be successful.

With consistent effort anyone can be a creative genius. Creativity needs an outlet and it knows no boundaries. It is only when you let creativity flow through you without any restrictions and you provide it an outlet can you create great works of art. We all have our strengths as well as weaknesses, while it is true that you cannot be good at everything that you try it is also true that you can be successful at what you are good at if you work hard.

In order to develop our creative side you need to follow the below mentioned suggestions:
• The first thing that you need to do is to understand yourself, know what you are good at, what your interests are. If you do not know your own interests and what your strengths and weaknesses are you cannot succeed.
• Once you know what your interests are you must be dedicated towards working hard to develop your interests. If you are interested in painting, you must be determined to work hard towards developing the skill.
• For anyone to develop their creative skill practice is essential. Even a great artist would not be able to produce a great piece if he/she does not practice regularly. Keep a few hours every day for practicing.
• Let the creativity flow through you without any restrictions. When you are practicing, do not get distracted by anything else. Do not be judgemental of your own work and do not think of what others might think of your work. Let the heart lead you; let your own creative skills come out in the fashion that it wants to.
• The most important thing is to believe in yourself and in your work. Only if you believe in yourself and your work can you be successful.
No artist can develop his/her skill overnight. Developing a creative mind takes months and sometimes even years of practice. You might not be able to see stunning results in the beginning but if you stay motivated and keep working hard towards your goal sooner or later you will succeed. Persistent efforts and positivity always pay sweet rewards.

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Jan Tijmes is an ex-engineer-turned spiritual coach, who opened The John Positive Company in 2006, following a near-death roll-over accident in Colorado. He specializes in helping people, young and old, release old patterns and learn more about who they are, what they want, and how to go after it using group and one-on-one sessions. Jan currently resides in India, and offers sessions to individuals, corporations, and tele-seminar groups across the globe. To register for free tele seminars please visit