Real life is full of possibilities and opportunities that the normal mind is unaware of. That’s because the normal mind is rarely present – our subconscious mind expends most of our energy focusing on its internal ‘stored knowledge’. Taking the psychological-speak out of the last sentence, we are normally living in the past – and we’re completely unaware of it.

In fact, generally speaking, we’re unaware, full stop!
Lot’s has been said and written on the topic of awareness as if it were some altered state of mind that can only be accessed by those who sit in caves with their legs curled around their ears! This complicates the simple – a pastime that has kept many a well-paid expert in the style to which they’ve become accustomed for an entire career.

Awareness is simple – it simply means being aware of what is really going on in the here and now. The obvious benefit is that, through awareness, you will prevent your subconscious mind from being preoccupied with ‘knowledge’ that has little relevance to the here and now. Through awareness you will be able to see things for what they are – you’ll be equipped to meet each problem or challenge that life throws at you head on, without being hamstrung by your habitual reactions to the challenges that your subconscious mind perceives.

More importantly, you’ll be able to see the possibilities and opportunities presented by the moment. Many normal people wander through life – in a state of unawareness or mindlessness – claiming that they’ve never come across a decent opportunity on their lives. Hardly surprising when you consider that, in order to see what’s before your very eyes, you’ve got to open them!

So, stop yourself in your tracks – get off the train of useless thought that you’re riding right now. Stop yourself and ask yourself this simple question: “How do I feel right now?” Being aware of how you’re feeling, being aware of where you are and what you’re experiencing, isn’t the first step on the road to awareness – it’s the only step. This is what awareness is.

If you realize that you’re feeling stressed, worried or anxious, realize this. These feelings don’t arise from what you are confronting – they arise from the automatic behaviours that are triggered by your subconscious mind’s perception of what’s happening. And that’s based on your ‘stored knowledge’ and it isn’t real.

In reality, there is no stress or worry – just problems that have to be addressed. In reality, there is a wealth of opportunity if you were to simply open your eyes and become aware. So, how do you feel right now?

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