We all know that on-demand cab booking apps are essential part of our everyday lives. There are numerous Uber like apps available in markets, which are serving the customers cab for rides. Over 70% of people using these apps and it is making our lives comfortable and saving time. According to the market survey, it is predicted that in the coming years, about 90% of people will use cab booking apps daily. Since, the core functionality of application is to avail the ride for its users within a short period of time; there are certain features that are still required for app booking to make the app popular among the people.
So, if you are looking forward to develop Uber like app solution, that people should hands-on accept it then, you must go through these features mention below:

Smooth sign up process:
The process of signing up most of the time is a test of patience for many people because a detailed time frame or a mundane list can cost your potential users as well. Therefore, always keep your sign up process short and user friendly. However, you can also include a sign up facility using any social media account, so that the user does not have trouble filling the details. So, it helps the users to smooth on-boarding and at the same time it helps in making a good impression of the taxi booking app.

Premium Membership:
The given feature enables you to provide your users with many options of premium plans as the given functionality will cater you to avail the benefit to the users so that the users can enjoy their free ride for certain distance. However, the distance and frequency of free rides offered will also depend on the user-selected scheme.

The cab sharing feature will help users to share their ride with their fellow passengers who are riding their way or place. It also helps to reduce the cost of travel for both people. Additionally, it will help you meet the needs of more users, as well as the option of carpooling that can also help in betterment of environment.

Advanced booking:
Advanced booking helps your potential users ride for a later stage, where a pop up message can be shown to choose a date with the desired time of travel. Therefore, it is mainly beneficial in cases of congestion times when it is sometimes difficult for users to find a cab.

Real time arrival status:
It is important to have push notifications for your on-demand mobile app as these push notifications will help customers as well as drivers to provide any information about your app, offers, deals and other campaigns. You can include a push notification feature to notify the customer when the taxi is in proximity or when the driver is about to arrive at their destination. Real-time arrival status also helps end users to get the real time information about the cab status.

Payment method:
To make the entire payment process hassle-free, your app should have a payment gateway feature so that it can help users choose the payment type of their choice. In addition, the on-demand taxi app will have feature to pay within the app including cash, electronic wallet and UPI. When someone go for online transactions, customers can utilize robust and secured payment gateways like PayPal, JusPay, Braintree, and Stripe, where the user can feel secured in entire transaction.

Referral method:
Referral is a method of encouraging current users to help bring new users to the platform. This is a win-win situation for both you and your users as you give your user the option to invite as well as invite, so when the user clicks that button, a link will be generated with a message so that users can send messages using them, such as Whats app messages or social media accounts.

Therefore, if you are planning to launch your cab booking platform, the above features should be helpful in getting robust and advanced Uber like app. Contact us by mailing at info@panaceatek.com and our professional will assist you in best possible way.

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