The negativity of thinking and doubt to oneself is easy to be expressed within oneself. Deep inside, we have insecurities and insecurity that lie underneath us, we believe that we are not deserving of love because of an idealistic culture, that we must be "better." That's what we call 'better' is to be healthy, happy, wealthy, and smart. We never really consider that we already have enough of who we are.

We still think we're not deserving of the affection that accumulates the lack of self-love, isn't it tragic?

There are thoughts in our minds that judge us, that we will never achieve prosperity and happiness. But my sense of yoga made me stop what I'm doing, take a break, and breathe. There are moments when I want to grab some burgers and chips and wallow them; depressive feelings are always looping in, so it takes another period of time to heal, which also takes longer.


There are many ways to make ourselves happy and manifest self-love. We should read uplifting literature, such as essays, quotes, and any other inspiring resources to uplift ourselves. Attempt some things like trekking and mountain climbing with our families, reach out to a counselor or therapist. Nowadays, a lot of people have actually discovered meditating on self-love through meditation to make them feel reconnected within themselves, and I can honestly attest that this is valid, and it really made me feel better.

Meditation allows me to see that thoughts in our mind are temporary; they're all coming and going. When I take a break and step back, I can see that any kind of frustration I feel is temporary.
Instead of being harsh on yourself and getting stuck in the middle of an "unworthiness" plot when you face self-doubt and loss of confidence, just breathe and use this exercise to remind yourself that you are deserving of love and compassion, even if you can only do it for yourself.

When you think that you are ready, take a few more deep, mindful breaths and then softly open your eyes. Sit back for a few moments to remember the feeling you had during your meditation. This is a great opportunity to learn something new about yourself and to respond to your physical and emotional needs. Let self-love make it possible for you to develop a closer relationship with yourself and make it possible for you to show up more fully in your life.

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