Learning the new language means that you want to develop a bunch of new skills that will help you to process what other people say in other languages and to communicate with the people of different regions. As all of you are familiar with the importance of learning the new language. Language plays an important and helpful role in different phases of human’s life.

Now the question arises that how can we learn a language like Urdu and what are the recommendations that must be fulfill to get a strong grip on native language. If anyone is interested to learn Urdu language online then he may got many free Urdu Language Learning resources on the internet. Secondly for those persons who have the basic know how of Urdu language and they want to get the strong grip on Urdu language, there are some guidelines that will help them to improve their language skills.

Whenever we learn any native language then there are four skills that we need for the perfect communication. These skills are also called macro skills. These skills are as follows:

• Listening
• Speaking
• Reading
• Writing

While learning Urdu language, the first step is always learn how to listen. First we have to listen to Urdu speakers. Secondly we try to speak Urdu language, at start we face problems while speaking Urdu but with the passage of time our pronunciation skills will become stronger. After this step we try to read Urdu books, novels and newspapers. This will build our level more to the perfection. At last we have to improve our writing skills, In this stage we have learn how to write Urdu alphabets correctly, then we move towards Urdu words, Urdu sentences, paragraphs and so on.

These are the skills that help to improve overall performance of any language. Now we will discuss some micro skills that are relatively more complex then macro skills but once who understand these skills will face no trouble in listening, speaking, reading and writing Urdu language.
These skills include:

• Correct Pronunciation
• Use of Correct Grammar
• Increase vocabulary
• How to produce longer and smaller stretches while speaking
• Interaction with other people appropriately

Pronunciation leaves the great impact on the person to whom you want to communicate. If you use the correct pronunciation then it may be easy for other person to understand what you want to say. For increasing pronunciation skills you can see video lectures of Urdu speakers and learn from them how they pronounce different words. Secondly you have to practice it on daily basis because nothing is better than practice the language pronunciation. More you practice, more you will get the grip.

One more thing you have to keep in mind is grammar of your sentences. You must avoid grammatical mistakes while speaking or writing Urdu because it leaves a bad impression on the User.

Vocabulary plays very important role in every language because if you have lack of vocabulary then how you can make variety of sentences in the particular language .More you get the vocabulary more you will be fluent in speaking the native language.

Your language style must be good while speaking Urdu language; you must be able to differentiate between words that have longer stretches and the words that have smaller

Words having longer stretches are: writing, stories, seeing etc.

Words having smaller stretches are: help, good, bad, spin etc.

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