While I have my opinions, I rarely discuss politics especially in a professional capacity, but I have to say, I am thrilled this year's elections are over. Maybe it was all the disparaging ads (and the millions of dollars behind them) or the way it brought out the worst in people on social media. Or perhaps it was the criticism and abject fear generated by some who warned of the nation's collapse if a particular candidate was chosen. Most likely, it was all of it.

Have you ever felt the negativity of major world events - whether it is a national election, catastrophic natural event or a manmade horrific situation? The negative energy swirling around you, nipping at your ankles, and attempting to keep you on edge and ill at ease?

I have felt this during major events - like years ago when a tsunami threatened Hawaii and we all waited, glued to the television to see if a massive wave was going to destroy the tropical islands. And other times such as those moments when news alerts go out about a school shooting or another horrific crisis.

The night of the election, I sat on my couch watching and waiting for the results to pour in. My heart pounded and my body shook. Worry and anxiety... and the 'what if' raced through my mind. It was incredibly difficult to sit still and not fret.

Then I remembered... I know how to deal with this. As one who is so sensitive to the ebb and flow of energy, I practice a grounding exercise every day to help me stay protected. However, with the rush and bustle of my day, I hadn't centered myself.

If you find that your anxiety or emotions are often tied to the global energy (such as this election, the recent intense weather or violence across the world), here is a simple practice you can do anywhere to help you ground yourself and clear your energy:

1. Stand tall and strong (or sit upright). Connect your feet to the earth by sending
roots down into the core with certainty and confidence.

2. Take deep breaths, releasing all negative energy and thoughts on the exhale and pull in light on the inhale.

3. Visually surround yourself with light and state the intention: I release the energy that does not serve me, and keep only what is aligned with my purpose.

Use this simple practice anytime you are overwhelmed by the energy outside of you and you will see a remarkable difference in how you react and relax.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Ann Robbat encourages individuals and teaches healers to engage with energetic approaches as a way of empowering and living a fulfilling life. More information and registration for her free teleconferencing group meditation circle can be found at: http://www.robbatcenter.com/.