When developing a business on the internet it is important to control the urge for instant gratification since this only sets you up for failure! Marketing online in a successful fashion requires the need for building relationships but you also must be willing to work other areas of your business as well! Having the reluctance to invest of yourself as needed will only lead to stalling your success, increasing your frustrations and tempting you to quit!

Here are 3 of the most important components any business needs to establish to make a profit and all require you being willing to work!

The Idea

Determining the product or service you intend to offer others is just the first step however it is a very big step indeed! Research will be involved in this stage unless of course you choose a highly competitive niche where demand is obvious and has already been determined for you!

The Presence

Choosing between whether you'll use a website or blog or maybe even both is the next step along with designing it as well! Now this stage of your business development is the most likely to give you the closest thing to instant gratification that you'll experience since this should not take long! Once you're finished with the way your site will display itself online, you'll be able to view it in its completed stage! At this point now it's time to get serious and get to work!

Putting the Pedal to the Metal

This will be how you make money and it all starts by advertising what you do or what you have to offer! In a nutshell we're talking about traffic generation and your willingness to put in the time needed to get it! On top of that what will also be required is your time and patience for building relationships with those whom you intend to do business! Don't expect instant gratification from your marketing efforts since much of the traffic you receive will simply NOT be interested in what you offer! If you're willing to work and maintain your efforts to attract visitors to your site however, success awaits you! On the other hand if you lack these strong work ethics than working online is NOT for you! Remember, you'll need traffic and lots of it!

Developing a business on the internet is not something that offers instant gratification in terms of earning a steady income! Both your time and patience will be needed however if you're not willing to work than marketing online is not for you! The 3 most important components you'll need to establish yourself and prosper are reviewed above! At the heart of your success will be building relationships with those to whom you intend to make product offers! Obviously building relationships is not something you can hurry along and this is where much patience will be required! On the other hand if you're determined and patient enough to succeed online, none of these components should be an issue!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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