Managerial Core Competence
Manideepa Patnaik
International Journal of Management Perspectives

There is a need to talk about core competency of managers which is different from the the corporate competenices Hamel and Prahalad (1994) had developed to enhance competive strategyof the corporates with a futuristic vision. I argue for the relevance of this concept for survival of the businesses for the present through the creation of effective managers who work on themselves and try to develop their own core competency rather than aiming at working on the core competence of their company that struggles with the character of the competitors that strive for profit maximization through various ways of branding and at times dangerous promotional strategies with aggressive marketing and selling. There is a place for soft skills, communication skills and personality enhancement that pave your ways to the top and the company you are working for goes to the top for you are there with perfect personal and social core completencies.
The business world of 1990’s was very different from today’s business world. Core competencies will have to be looked at in different layers with a structuralist as well as a modularist approach. The core competency in this case opposes core rigidity – both at a managerial as well as at an organizational level. There is no shortage of innovative products in today’s world. There is a shortage of effective strategy making competence at the managerial levels of all types. My basic philosophy is- individual growth takes place when all the individuals at the individual level strive hard for collective growth. I also hammer- leaders do not create followers. They constantly create leaders and creating leaders as well as enhancing the leadership qualities in oneself – in all types of managerial development – should be the focus.
Adi Ignatius , Editor in Chief of Harvard Business Review (2010, September issue,p-12) says- whether entreprenuers can save the world is rather an audacious question . He states that the author of the answer of this question would also have to be a character of equal audacity for the response to be appropriate. In the same issue and in the same edotial, a citation has been made of Ashoka’s Bill Drayton and Valeria Budinich that says- “the coming era of collaboration between corporations and social entrepreneures promises to expand and create markets on a scale that had not been seen since the Industrial Revolution.” The other quote from the same editoria by Anne Habiby and Deirdre Coyle Jr. ,who are the founders of the international economic development from AllWorld Networl says “the trick for governments and western businesses searching for opportunities in these markets is to find these entrepreneurs, nurture them and unleash their potential to develop innovative businesses that can drive global opportunity.” To this end begins concepts such as talent war and quality management in the broad framework of competency mapping. Various comptency mapping scales map out the psychometric competence of individuals for specific corporates in a way that suits the company’s character. In a time when warring nations are getting into businesses for economic growth and market spaces are created in a rather self interest and greed driven entrepreneurial attitude with sacred wars running through peoples mind to save the civilzation at a local as well as a global level in the era of wikileaks, can one really expect to have universal corporate core competency set and corporate centric competence mapping set? National characters have crucial roles to play in today’s businesses. National characters are ignorance of their behaviour in this the multicultural global market force is leading to a global economic collapse sometime or other which may even be nature driven. In a time such as this, can we really rely on the classic age old management theory of business strategy?
Self actualising tendencies on the lines of Carl Rogers …need to be activated. I will discuss the details of self actualisation in short for effective communication in the next article.
According to Hamel and Prahalad , core competencies are what make your organization unique. They are the skills your organization possesses that set it apart from its peers. They are the sources of competitive advantage. They are the building blocks to future opportunities. Extend these features to your personality. Transfer the organisational core competency characterstics to your individual core competence profile and you will excell.

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Dr Manideepa Patnaik is an independent trainer of communication skills and success skills for managers and individuals who want to stand out in any aspect of life and be happy with their jobs, career and social circuits.She is the Editor in Chief of International Journal of Business Derivatives (The new name of International Journal of Management). The URL of the journal is-
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