Have you battled the bulge, had difficulty complying with a diabetic diet, or had difficulty joining the unhooked generation by quitting smoking? Whatever the health lifestyle change you want to make, hypnosis can help.
What are the benefits of using hypnosis recordings? Hypnosis recordings are repetitive. You hear the message and visualize it in your mind. The message is taken into your mind and becomes your own. Once you can own a suggestion, you can act on it more easily. It feels right to you. Can you remember being told by your parents to be careful, don’t drink and drive, wear gloves, and so on? These suggestions felt like you were being bossed around. When you felt bossed, you ignored the suggestion. However, if you felt the winter’s icy air on your hands, then putting on those gloves becomes your idea. You are not bossed, but making a decision that changes your behaviors.

I once had a client who would drink too much and smoked four packs of cigarettes a day. His wife told him to quit and his mother also chimed in with her advice. Even though his wife and mother had his best interest in mind, he continued to drink and smoke. When he used hypnosis recordings, attended therapy, and noticed that he had trouble climbing the stairs, he decided that it was a good idea to change. He said that the images of being successful and proud of his accomplishments helped him to own the decision to quit. Being in control of his life and using success images helped him to live a much healthier lifestyle.

Another client had trouble starting an exercise routine. His doctor advised him to exercise more because he had arthritis. He had no companions to work out with him. He could not imagine battling the pain and exercising. As a result, he had less pain. However, when he used the hypnosis recordings every day, he felt more like exercising.
Sometimes, a doctor’s treatment plan is complicated. Hypnosis recordings can help to keep the steps to health in your mind, which promotes greater success following the doctor’s advice. In addition, when you feel hopeful and optimistic, your body heals more easily. Hypnosis recordings plant optimistic thoughts in your mind where they grow into beliefs that change your life. Hypnosis recordings also help because they are supportive and people like to be supported and encouraged. The recordings are like having a session with your therapist every day. You feel good visualizing yourself being successful and proud. In addition, you are reminded of your strengths that will help you succeed. You have the flexibility of choosing the best time to use the recordings when you will be most receptive to the suggestions. You can be more relaxed in your private space when you are processing the suggestions. Often, clients report that being able to use the recordings during times of discouragement is most helpful. Whenever you need to program your mind to achieve healthier habits, consider hypnosis recordings. You will be proud of the healthier you.

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I have been working helping people improve their lives with hypnosis for nine years. I have also used these strategies to make changes that helped me to lose weight and manage pain. I live in somerville Massachusetts with my husband and my two dogs. One is a retired guide dog and one is now working with me. I have also worked in many mental health clinics.