The coming year should be very interesting.

Economic forecasts hint that the quantity of job opportunities and scope for career progression is going to reach an all time low.

Nevertheless an effective array of sales techniques are always going to be extremely valuable to employers and, although times are difficult, you're still going to be able to receive a high level of income so long as you get the job that is right for you!

But what job is "right" and which sales techniques do you need to aready have or acquire?

In today's tough selling environment, the highest earning sales jobs have changed.

In today's marketplace most sectors are now seeking consultative selling techniques, instead of a proven history of conventional selling skills. For this reason, old school selling methodologies, like Feature Advantage Benefit selling no longer works.

In addition, most sectors are now prepared to shell out considerably more for consultative selling skills when employing account managers and new business development professionals, when it comes to salaries and sales commissions.

Thankfully, when it comes to consultative selling techniques, the following things are true:

  1. These selling skills may be mastered much faster and are far less difficult to apply than the majority of salespeople recognise.
  2. Upon learning consultative selling skills, they may be easily and quickly used in any market sector, hence such sales techniques are going to expand your chances of career development and career advancement.
  3. These skills are entirely lacking in most individuals you will be challenging with for the best sales jobs.
  4. You can even use them to persuade a prospective boss to employ you and , not only that, they actually work in any given situation. Consequently, your ability to gain employment using these sales techiques will not entirely rely on you being assertive or showing off a spectacular set of past achievements!

Establishing an excellent sales career demands that you grow your own personal brand and proactively market yourself as being the answer to the recruiter's distinctive crucial and immediate desires. To make this happen you need to cultivate a system of contacts above your own level or, better still, even higher up in numerous firms which are active in the industry.

To grow a personal brand and market yourself at the appropriate tier, regardless of whether it is to sales managers or sales directors, you have got to embrace a consultative selling methodology. Consequently, you must show an awareness of the challenges and market trends which have an impact on the most important decision makers for the position you are aiming for; in addition to exhibiting a distinct knowledge of their short- and long-term goals.

Once this has been achieved, you must align the benefits and advantages that your accomplishments and sales techniques present to the ‘prospect’ within the framework of their perception for the position. To put it differently, you need to position yourself as a solution that fulfills the employer's most crucial needs in the targeted firm.

The greater the need and the more convincing your solution is, when it comes to what you offer the employer, the faster you will find that fantastic sales job!

But always remember, your CV is a sales proposal in itself and thus it must be aligned to specific sales opportunities. You should not simply present a generalised CV to firms or senior decision makers.

Rather your CV ought to inform the employer what it is that you have to offer them and what it is that you have ahieved during your career to date (regardless of whether this happens to be the first sales position you are applying for). Ensure that the CV sits within the framework of what they are looking for from the position.

You need to bear in mind that your CV provides you with a chance to market your abilities to an employer and really is a sales proposal in its own right, so your target organisation will be seeking a distinct assertion of the real value you have to offer. Once again, align your pitch to the needs, challenges and pressures that their company is facing.

Author's Bio: 

Steve Eungblut is the managing director of Sterling Chase Associates.

Sterling Chase delivers sales and business development solutions for organizations in the UK.