Pest control is not a one-time event. No matter how effective a pest control company’s methods are, you cannot expect a single treatment to control all bugs for an indefinite amount of time. In warm climates like Melbourne, pest control is a year-long battle. Good prevention practices will keep bugs from even entering your home at all. Winning the war against pest invasion takes an integrated management system that uses green practices.

Slug-a-Bug Pest Control uses a unique, 6 step approach to prevent infestations in your home. We call it Integrated Pest Management (IPM). It focuses on preventing pests from gaining access to your home at all. IPM uses standard low-impact materials only when necessary to eliminate pests that do manage to get inside your space. This type of green pest control is safer for your family and for your environment.


A thorough inspection of the premises is the first step in eliminating any pests inside and excluding any pests outside. Common points of access are cracks, garage door gaps, ill-fitting window and doors and eaves. Your pest control technician should do a complete inspection of the eaves, attic, foundation, crawl spaces, basement and baseboards as well as outside structures like porches and fencing. These can provide clues necessary for diagnosing termite activity. In Brevard County, termite control is vital to protecting you home against major damage and maintaining you home owners insurance policy.


After the inspection, your pest control expert will make recommendations as to what actions should be taken. Slug-a-Bug makes communication with its clients a top priority. Your professional technician will take the time to explain what options are available and what methods will work best in your home. He will answer any questions you have about your customized IPM plan of action.

Selection of Low-Impact Control Materials

Green pest control depends on using low-impact materials. Protecting the environment and your family is of the utmost importance to Slug-a-Bug Pest Control. We only use what control materials are absolutely necessary and in the appropriate amounts. We also recommend cultural control methods like cutting back trees and shrubs from the structure. Both of these methods are designed to make the smallest impact on the environment.

Application of Control Materials

Once the materials have been chose to protect your home, pest control materials will be applied in judicious amounts where needed. Our professional pest control technicians use the best equipment to treat your home. They are also given extensive training and continuing education so they can use the latest technology and best methods to treat your home.

Evaluation of Effectiveness

Your service from Slug-a-Bug doesn’t end once a treatment plan has been implemented. We will also return to evaluate how well the plan has worked and if any changes need to be made to your Integrated Pest Management system. Adjustments may be made according to the season or to the nature of the pests in your neighborhood. Your technician will, with your input, assess how well the plan is working.


Preventing pests from ever accessing your space is the best way to control them. Technicians will help home owners learn how they can help prevent pests in between service calls. Small actions like routine gutter cleanings can prevent insects from nesting in or near your roof and eaves. Proper storage of pet food and bird seed can make your garage and storage areas much less attractive to rodents and bugs. As a home owner, you are your own best weapon in the war against pests.

Choosing the Integrated Pest Management system from Slug-a-Bug will help you keep your home safe and pest-free year round.

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