The demand for mobile apps has been increasing with insane figures for the last several years like showbox app which has shutdown but its apk version is still in market and anyone can download from And it is not just the teen crowd which looks for a new app in this concern. There are many aspects as it is more important for small businesses and startups as it where they can push for all the success for their respective products/services.

For every app developer the pressure to create the app which can become the next big thing is really great. This is where they could go awry as their direction is wayward by the sheer pressure as they are asked to produce an app that is must break into at least the top 100 so that it can make the respective company’s product and reputation go high.

Great Effort is Required from the App Developers

There is a common notion that app development is not that difficult with just few codes here and there to make things the fact that there are many aspects developers have to consider while to create a winning app. To produce something extraordinary that gets the appreciation from the masses and also get the recognition is not a simple task. In the end, what really matters is that how much money a company will make through it and that’s where stellar app ideas.

There are many categories of mobile apps which are popular these days and get downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. Games, messaging, social apps and business/ecommerce stores apps are the ones most likely to be downloaded as these are the most popular ones all over the world.  

Following are the 12 tips what it takes to create a perfect app for each of the following 4 categories.

Business/Ecommerce Apps

  1. Simplicity: A business app shouldn’t be a sophisticated one. A simple design and GUI can do a world of good for it.
  2. User Feedback: The feedback of the business users or the people use to shop online regularly is important. For this, constant feedback is necessary from them to make the app better.
  3. Social Media Integration: Business users also socialize, and a social media integration option can give them more freedom to use it.

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Messenger Apps

The top 3 features for a messenger app to make it a killer one are as follows:

  1. Good GUI: An easy to use Graphical User Interface is the basis for a messenger as most people use these apps and not all are familiar with complex GUI. The interface should be simple and self-explanatory.
  2. Customization: A user should be able to use your new messenger by customizing it according to his needs. In this way, a person can bring all his contacts in one window or create custom categories.
  3. Different Versions for Different Devices/OS: This is one feature which is the most important as you have to create apps according to the needs of an Android user while an iOS user will need something else. So you need to cater both of them. Some smartphones need extra hardware usage for a particular app, so you need to make an app that is light and easy to install and use.

Gaming Apps

Make all efforts to apply the following aspects while making a gaming app.

  1. Too Many features: Don’t try to overwhelm your user with lots of features as gameplay is the hallmark of how mobile app development companies create a good app.
  2. Working Offline: There should be support or a mode to play offline to as some users may not be able to keep connected to a network all the time.
  3. Responsive Design: The app should be able to respond according to whatever the screen size is.

Social Media Apps

Social media apps are extremely popular with the young generation and also used by

  1. Touch Support: A gaming app must be touch friendly. An app which needs to be played with a mouse or keyboard is not worth it.
  2. A Feature Rich App: Another disadvantage of a feature rich app is that it is expensive to make. So try to start with standard features and then slowly go about your task.
  3. Keep Testing: Try to experiment with your app and keep testing for a better feature/way to use for end users to make your app stand out.

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