Recently, I posted another article on Home Remedies and explained the reasons we need to detox cancer and what the things are that are attacking our health every day!

We live in a time when there are more reasons to “remove” (detox) the poisons from our bodies on a regular basis than ever before. This is no longer some kind of “health fad!”

Just a few days ago, Pepsi and Coke announced they will reduce potentially cancer-causing caramel coloring from their soft drinks, in order to avoid having to paste warnings on the millions of bottles and cans they sell each year in California.

Do you know how many sodas your kids drink in a month? I know that mine drink WAY TOO MANY!

We don’t have to wait till we get the horrible report to
detox cancer in our bodies.

Just by stopping some of the “wrong lifestyle” habits, we will begin to detox cancer by not aiding it’s growth in our bodies.

Removing potentially cancer-causing colorings from soft drinks is a good and necessary idea, but what about the serious effects of sugar?

The more important question is how can we create sensible policies to prevent disease and promote health for our nation overall.

We should not encourage our children or anyone else to drink highly sugared or artificially flavored and colored fizzy drinks that have no known nutritional value and play a role in the rising toll of diabetes around the world today.

Getting artificial coloring out of soft drinks will make them less dangerous in one respect, but, unless children eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid addictive soft drinks, laden with addictive sugars and artificial ingredients, we’ll still have the continuing problems with the health of our children.

And the dirty secret about diet sodas is that they are appetite stimulants that drive people to seek more sugars, not less.

The National Toxicology Program has a long list of tested compounds that increase cancer risk that have not been adequately controlled by appropriate regulatory agencies.

And I’m going to tell you unequivocally, it never will be! No, I’m not being negative about our governing bodies, I’m telling you that money will always over-power the overall health concerns of the general population!

By agreeing to reformulate their products to lower potential carcinogenic levels of MI, Coke and Pepsi are avoiding the specter and costs of posting cancer warnings on labels, as required by the State of California through Proposition 65 listing of carcinogens. It goes back to cost and profit…

Jumping from one newly identified cancer risk to another does not offer any serious approach to reducing the burden of cancer or other chronic diseases.

It is a sad commentary on the limited state of U.S. regulatory policy that a universal health risk of cellphone radiation is not being addressed by regulatory bodies, including California Proposition 65–while specific chemicals continue to be targeted in a one off manner.

Even the most health conscious people forget about the potential danger of constant cell phone radiation, that literally has been covered over by makers and retailers, very successfully so far…

In fact, cellphone radiation weakens membranes of all cells, including the protective barrier around the brain.

This means that whatever cancer-causing chemicals are circulating in the body will be more deeply taken into the cells and brains of those millions who regularly use cellphones today.

Ask yourself, how is it that the majority of things on the IARC 2B list, including engine exhausts, DDT, Kepone (also known as chlordecone, is a carcinogenic insecticide), PCBs and other industrial agents, receive serious regulatory attention? Yet, efforts to discredit, dismiss, debunk the science on cellphones have been so successful that this latest view of IARC on a broad-scale issue continues to elude regulatory attention in the U.S.

That is changing in many nations, given recent Israeli, French, Indian and other government actions.

This is why Dr. Judy and I are strong advocates of a regular detox cancer therapy and cleanse on a regular basis, using all the available tools, along with a good diet.

Don’t wait to detox cancer till everything is in a critical position. The good news for those who have reached that place, is that, it is still possible to reverse the plague of cancer!

We MUST be proactive with our personal health… the government for the most part will not help us.

Wouldn’t it be better to detox cancer before you HAVE to, by avoiding and removing those things you can’t avoid, before the critical point arrives?

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