This article helps you emphasise on the various significant factors that influences a wine room construction project. Take a read for more detailed information.

Storing your favourite wine at home so that you can relish it at anytime you want is perhaps every wine afficionado’s wish. However, you must understand that storing them in your refrigerator is simply not enough to keep them at their best. The fridge/refrigerator of your home is not the ideal place to store wines because it might not deliver the right temperature or humidity level for keeping all your wine bottles at their best. This is the reason why you must invest in wine room construction for storing the wines in their best condition at home.

Before getting started with the process of building a wine cellar, you must understand the fact that you need to consider a few important things to ensure that it is constructed in the most efficient manner. Following here are some of the crucial factors being discussed.


Deciding the location of where you want to construct the wine cellar is probably the first criterion you need to decide. Ideally, basement of your home is being spotted as the best place for storing wines which, was also done in the ancient times to preserve wines for a longer period. The basement is usually cold and don’t receive much sunlight, which makes it an ideal place for restoring wines. Wine storing requires a specific temperature for maturing properly and keeping them in a dark place helps in its ageing process. Thus, choose the location wisely.

Temperature and humidity

As mentioned, wine requires a particular level of temperature and humidity for aging properly and ensuring that they stay at their best. Ideally you must keep the room temperature at 58 levels F for proper progression of all your wines. Since, wines do not like sunlight, you must ensure that you place low-level or dim lights in your wine room for well-ventilated wine cellar racks. Furthermore, the best humidity levels to preserve wines in the cellar is 55-75%.

Total count of your wine bottles

Before deciding on the size your wine storage design, you must keep a count of the total number of bottles you want to store in the cellar so that it can meet your requirements perfectly. Having a fair idea of your wine collection will help you decide on whether you want a small-sized or bigger wine cellar at your home.


Design of your wine cellar is another crucial factor which, you must consider before constructing it. Always choose a design that can complement the overall theme or design of the interiors of your home. For instance, if your home portrays a vintage theme, then plan for constructing a classic-styled cellar. However, in case your home is decorated with all pieces of modern furniture and accessories, then try building a contemporary-styled cellar. You can also choose for rustic styled cellars if you want to showcase a unique look of modernisation and traditional theme blended altogether. For homeowners with limited space, try building a spiral cellar which undoubtedly looks stylish and is very space-efficient as well.

A note on estimating the ideal time period of storing wines in the wine cellar

One you have constructed the wine cellar at home, you must feel that you can store your wines for an eternity! But that’s not true at all. You must have an idea on which types of wines can be stored for long-term storage and which are the ones you should consume within sometime sooner. Keeping a note of the same will help you develop an in-depth understanding on how to consume the wines within the best time period.

Final thoughts!

Considering all the above-mentioned factors is highly important for ensuring that you design a well-functional as well as awe-inspiring wine cellar. For doing it in the most appropriate way, seek professional help of wine room construction service providers who have comprehensive knowledge on all the important aspects and can deliver you excellent results.

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