One of the best ways to promote oral health is to see a dentist on a regular basis. It's important to choose a dentist that offers a wide variety of services. Professional dentists can give your teeth and gums a deeper cleaning, prevent and restore tooth decay, and treat periodontal disease. Consider these dental services when selecting a dentist for your oral healthcare needs.

Routine Cleanings: Preventing Cavities and Gum Disease
Common oral hygiene practices include brushing your teeth after every meal, flossing, and using mouth wash. Although practicing good hygiene at home promotes oral health, routine dental cleanings are necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Routine cleanings can reach areas in the mouth that is difficult to maintain with brushing and flossing. Dentists can often detect problem areas before cavities and gum disease develop.

Endodontics: Fillings, Caps, and Root Canals
Poor oral hygiene and prolonged routine cleanings often result in tooth decay and cavities. It's possible to restore a tooth back to its normal state with fillings and caps if the problem is caught early. Dentists can remove the decay and fill it with material. It might also be necessary to cap a tooth with a large cavity. Root canals are often needed to treat deep and painful cavities that could result in permanent tooth loss.

Periodontics: Gum Disease Treatment
Gum disease is a serious oral problem that will only become worse if not treated properly. Gingivitis is a mild gum disease that is usually easily treated. Common causes of gingivitis includes smoking, aging, and stress. Physical symptoms associated with gingivitis include swollen and bleeding gums. Advanced gum disease is known as Periodontitis, which causes the gums to separate from the teeth. Untreated periodontitis can loosen teeth and might need to be removed.

Oral Surgery: Necessary Tooth Extraction
Oral surgery might be necessary to remove teeth for a variety of reasons. Most people have their wisdom teeth removed when it causes discomfort or prevents other teeth from coming in properly. Severe tooth decay often requires extraction when the tooth cannot be restored or if causes an infection. Tooth extraction might also be required for teeth affected by severe gum disease.

When it comes to oral health it's important to find a good dentist such as those with Hoffman & Karl Dental Associates, PLLC to maintain healthy teeth and gums. People should choose a dentist who specializes in routine cleanings, endodontics, and periodontics. Professional dentists should have experience with fillings, crowns, and gum disease treatment. By seeking professional help you can really help keep your mouth healthy and clean.

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