Our digestive tract has several organs that help in excreting the waste product. Due to any anomaly, certain problems may arise in this pathway. One such disorder is hemorrhoid.
This is not a common problem and usually happens due to our lifestyle. It can be easily rectified by a doctor by using some tools and medications. However, in the case of large hemorrhoids, the gastroenterologist may have to perform surgery.

This article will help you find all the necessary details of Hemorrhoids that are sometimes also called piles.

What are piles?

Piles are a condition when the rectum and anus veins become swollen. Due to this, the person suffers from severe discomfort in the lower abdominal region. This condition can happen in two ways:
Internal hemorrhoids
In this type, the affected area cannot be seen by the naked eye. Also, the patient won’t notice any abnormality near their anus. Usually, the veins under the internal lining of the rectum become swollen. Therefore, while the outer area has no issues, the internal area deals with all the damage.

Additionally, such types of piles are generally not much pain and can’t be felt by hands.

External hemorrhoids
Unlike internal, the external piles cause pain and can be easily felt by hands. A bulging structure can be seen in the anus area. In most cases, this kind of hemorrhoid is easily curable. Also, some of the veins might subside after a certain time.

Causes of hemorrhoids

Several factors are responsible for this medical condition. A few of them are listed below:
Improper diet
Having an irregular or bad diet plan can cause many issues in your body. Piles mostly happen due to less fiber intake. So, try to eat more fruits and vegetables to cure this condition.

Excessive pressure during excretion
Some people create a lot of pressure during the bowel movement. This strains the muscles and nerves inside the rectum and anus region. Over time, swelling can be seen in these veins.

Less water intake
One should always take an adequate amount of water during the day. Our body is mostly made of water. Furthermore, all the basic functions like cell repair and fluid motion are carried out using water. Dehydration is one of the main causes of piles.

Different complications arise due to the obesity of a person. If you are dealing with piles, then your priority should be to lose that extra body weight.

Bad lifestyle
Lifestyle choices make all the difference. Zero workouts along with stress and no sleep schedule can result in having hemorrhoids.


Piles can have visible symptoms in the human body. Consult your doctor for all these symptoms:
• Discomfort or pain in the lower abdomen, especially near the anus area.
Blood in stools
• Painful bowel movement
• Unable to digest food properly
• Itching and swollen area
• A feeling of bulging tissue coming out of your anus
• Irregular bowel movement with loose stools

Diagnosis and Treatment of Hemorrhoid

Physical test
The doctor may ask the patient about any discomfort or change in stools. Any swelling, lumps, or pain in the lower area are also checked. For a thorough examination, the gastroenterologist may also use fingers and tools to feel tenderness or any other condition inside the rectum.

Internal examination
For a more intrusive examination, several techniques are used. The basic method is anoscopy. In this method, a small plastic tube is passed inside the anus. Apart from that, another procedure called colonoscopy is performed.
During this process, the gastroenterologist inserts a long tube with a camera inside the intestines. It is used to display live information of the internal organs. The doctor can also take a small tissue sample for biopsy.

Certain medicines are given to the patient to control the swelling. If the patient is having severe pain, then some pain relievers are also provided. Piles may take some time to cure. Therefore, it is advised to take proper rest and have light meals.

If everything else fails, then the surgeon might have to perform a surgical operation. During this process, the surgeon may completely remove the abnormal veins and tissues. Tools like laser and scalpel are used to remove the targeted area.

General remedies
After the completion of all medical procedures, the doctor may prescribe certain drugs to ease the pain and improve the recovery process. You will also be provided with a diet and workout routine to improve your internal health.
Moreover, a patient should not go for bowel movements frequently. Just relax and take a rest.

Where to go?

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