A single most desolate land is the state of impoverished people sitting on street corners. I once passed such a crouched woman while working at a wealthy jeweler on a break and decided to pick up an extra coffee for that individual. On my way back the woman was no longer there and I learned from that experience about parallel quantum states that are created by two different observers. In the wealthy state of giving lived the purchaser and in the impoverished state of lack lived the street woman who had to leave the presence of the purchaser in order to stay in that state.

What is the difference between lack and emptiness? What do empty pockets mean? A shifted quantum state is the only possible answer and the observer is the wielder of that. A penny is dropped from a pocket and found by another; disappearing from one reality and appearing in another. An observer in the state of lack would see this event differently from an observer in the state of gratitude. What do I have to give up in order to feed the poor? Who is going to feed me? Such questions existing beyond parenting of minors show a state in society of spiritual immaturity.

Prostitutes, the homeless and destitute have been around since ancient times like a lingering reminder of failure to remember the volcano story: Destruction is created from an eruption and then incredibly fertile soil is brought forth from the cleansed land (regardless if a virgin was thrown in to the volcano). In the wake of destroying an old mind that creates a vortex of suction of energy from others, dredges of society disappear. An error is to fill such a mind till satiated because then there is a phase of dependence if the person leaves and stops the ‘fill up’. A cliché is the fisherman story that everyone knows about as an alternative which was murdered and strangled by history reporting stories of it however not espousing a society that lived it.

A desert is filled with one being sitting with clothing and a hat nothing else exists. Life or death decisions ensue in a manner which some who prostitute, or sit on the streets are missing because of the existence of people. If a woman is delivering a cup of coffee to a street person and that person leaves there is an alternate reality waiting where the person begging removes themselves from needing people to fill the plate.

What awaits? Emptiness without lack where tears, pleas, schemes desperation and wanting are shed away like a filthy, stenching, garment burned and never worn again.

What is filled in its place? For each being a private party of discovery that guests now arrive instead of strangers asked for a handout may occur. How and when? When time stops. What appears at such a party? The new party dress. What is that made of? That is the homework; reading a physics book and learning about being the fairy godmother of the quantum field.

Author's Bio: 

I am Aryana B. Hudson founder of Blue Matrix Energetics™; a powerful, system of energetic healing and developed Quantum Mind Tech™ tools for over fifteen years. For three years, I held the positions of Director and President of the Canadian Reiki Association was profiled in the Globe and Mail as leader in complementary, energetic therapies industry, and later developed Blue Matrix Energetics.™ I am also a published author of Drums of the Winged Carrier 2020, screenwriter, Artist, and have over ten years of experience in the corporate, business world in sales, marketing and management and still offer marketing expertise that encourages optimal success in small and corporate business practice.

Over the past twenty years I have continued to upgrade my science-based knowledge and experience of the brain, our biological healing potentials, genetics, the human energy field and the variety of frequency realms that we inhabit as multi-dimensional beings from my observations as a healing professional. This diverse background allows me to provide you with comprehensive, powerful, healing sessions and training that are free of new age dogma. In addition the personal development of each client that allows the maximization of creative potential heightening personal and business success is provided in the Blue Matrix Energetics services to both private clients, groups and business groups.