Armed with Wings CULMINATION Destiny 2 is one of the works that shakes the foundations of the approach of a traditional analysis. And he does so knowing, without caring and enjoying his position. It is not possible to arrive at a definitive conclusion of a title that evolves practically every day and from which it is expected news every week from its launch. Destiny 2 is not today exactly the same as it was the day of its release and will not be the same as in a week . Bungie has created an ecosystem of players and activities that are more like a living world in continuous growth than a work that begins and ends.
That's the most important thing to understand what Destiny 2 is and why it's so difficult for me to come to a simple conclusion about what it seems to me. It does not even seem to me to be a sequel in and of itself, even though it is for practical purposes. This second part seems to me, rather, the logical continuation that must follow all the players who want to stay alive in this universe, in this space of game that its inhabitants call Destiny . With the previous game, in addition to the constant updates and free, had to go through box with its different expansions to continue enjoying this constant evolution, and now a new stage of growth is to buy a new experience that takes a 2 as last name.
Destiny 2
There is a lot of Destiny in Destiny 2. That is the best and worst of this new delivery. Bungie has taken advantage of the creation of these new worlds to be able to improve and polish the majority of elements present in the first part that not at all managed to convince. This sequel does not want to innovate or contribute new elements, not even try, but wants to get everything out of the picture. That the first game was criticized for its lack of content in its basic conception? Here you have an experience much more complete, great and profound in almost every way. That the history in the missions of Campaign mode was not understood at all well? Here you have it well chewed, so that even those who have not played the first installment understand how the world they are entering in just a few minutes. That the first game required too much external information to be understood at all levels? Now it is the player himself who decides whether to observe on the outside or not, without feeling forced.
Last Day on Earth
Many will think that Destiny 2 has been simplified compared to the previous delivery. In a sense it is true, since from the way of accessing the missions, to understand what their story tells us, to understand how to fulfill the objectives of the adventures and even to know how to improve and grow in their world, is simpler and accessible. But that does not mean it's bad, and personally I think it's better. Note that the gears of this watch have been adjusted so that looking at it is much faster and easier to know what time it is .

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