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Infertility is defined when a couple is not able to give birth of a child after one year of regular, well-timed and unprotected sex. When couple have trying to have baby month after month for at least one year is called as infertility. This is an extremely common problem affecting in 1 out of 6 couples. There are many causes why a couple is not able to give birth of a child. Some of them are very easy to correct and some of them are quite difficult. There are several reasons of infertility. Some of these causes lie with the male partner, while others can be traced to the woman.

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• First reason of infertility in women is age factor, as years passes by each year potential of producing quantity of eggs is lowered and that leads to women infertility. When a woman enters in her thirties, the possibilities of getting pregnant begin to decrease every year with high speed. Here are many problems in women reproductive system like uterine fibroids, Endometriosis, tubal obstructions, and ovulation disorders, etc. Now a day the field of reproductive technology is quickly expanding every day. As a result, the infertile couple can take the advantage of number of treatment.

• The most important reason of male infertility is sperm disorder. Sperm disorder are:- sperm count, sperm concentration, volume of semen and the man produces, sperm motility, forward progression, and sperm shape. A defect in any of these may cause the infertility in male. There are many reasons of sperm disorder in male are: - age, immune disorder, cancer treatment, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and other factors like lifestyle and environmental factors. Low sperm count is a biggest cause on male infertility. A low sperm count is defined as having less than 20 millions sperm per ml of seminal fluid.

• Physical condition is also a big reason of female infertility. With respect to physical condition, a blocked fallopian tube can be a cause of infertility. Due to pelvic inflammatory disease, or a sexually transmitted disease the tube can be blocked.

• Psychological role plays a major role in male infertility. Retrograde ejaculation, impotence, or erectile dysfunction, are the result of man's inability to psychologically cope up with the problem. As a consequence, stress remains the big reason of inability to conceive own child. Structural and physical defects of a reproductive system in men often lead to permanent damage of the testes. Everybody knows that testicles are a sperm producing gland in the male reproductive system.

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There are specific ways and means for any woman on how to get pregnant fast. In spite of this good information, many women are not trying their 'Fortune'. Those who are confident have done well and won the game of getting pregnant faster than they might have even thought of. It's like a billiard game to hit the ball right with all tricks and say 'Vow!'.

While there are sure ways, why should you develop anxieties and ask yourself "Will I ever get pregnant?". There are some women who are having cravings for taking drugs to support their 'Miracle'. If it's with determination, you may better choose to take natural herbs for the simple reason that they are harmless and are not associated to detrimental side effects related to health issues. Taking herbs is quite safe and free from complications. This protection cannot be availed if you choose to take any other synthetic drug. If your mindset is for OK, it is best suggested to choose damiana leaves that can contribute a good role when you are trying to get pregnant to your anticipations. Consuming damiana leaves is recommended as they are certified as an aphrodisiac with high potential to boost chances to get pregnancy. It is also true that the use of damiana helps to do away with 'impotent' problems in men.

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It has been proved by experiments that the herbal ingredients help to regulate nervous system and balance irregular hormones. The role of natural herbs is amazing when it comes to stimulate reproductive system. In the list of herbs to support sure pregnancy you have the other herbals such as raspberry leaves, nettle leaves, and dong quai root. Each one of these herbs has different but effective role when you are in anxieties of raising the personal question "Why can't I get pregnant?".

Along with the herbs you are taking, a few more warnings are to be kept in mind to help you when you have started your efforts of conceiving a dream baby. You may also accept the simple warnings as tips for getting pregnant. Be sure, if you avoid smoking and consuming excessive alcohol you can calibrate chances to get pregnant fast to your surprise. Having an ovulation chart or ovulation predictor kit can also help you in your endeavor to conceive. Consuming healthy and nutritious foods with vitamin E is also good idea as a natural way of enriching your productive system to hit the target.

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I often hear from people or couples who are looking for an easy way to choose their baby's gender. To that end, I sometimes have people ask me if there's a pill, vitamin, supplement, or medication that they can take to help them choose their baby's gender or to have a boy or a girl baby. This is a nice idea, to be sure. It would make things a lot easier if you could just pop a pill to ensure that you get the baby gender that you want. But, I'm afraid that this isn't how it works, although people often try this method. Below, I'll tell you some of the things that people try, why I think this rarely works as well as expected, and what I believe works better.

First though, here's the thinking behind this idea. People often take vitamins or supplements in an attempt to become more alkaline and less acidic for a boy baby and more acidic and less alkaline for a girl baby. I also need to clarify that I'm not talking about fertility treatments that might be prescribed by a doctor to help you become pregnant. What I am talking about are natural non prescription supplements and vitamins that people take at home to try to choose their baby's gender.

Supplements That Are Sometimes Tried By People Who Want A Boy Baby: The most common type of supplement that people use when they try to become alkaline or less acidic are antacids. You might have taken or have heard of these for acid reflux. They're often very chalky tasting. The thinking behind this is that if you take antacids, this will have an effect on (and hopefully lessen) your vaginal acidity. And, if you can make your vagina less acidic, the weaker boy sperm will have an easier time making it to the egg.

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While I do understand the theory behind this, I've tested my PH before and after antacid use and by far, I got better results using a combination of dieting and douching. But you really can test this for yourself very easily. And I do need to add that many caution over use of these substances because they decrease calcium absorption and are said to risk an overgrowth of bacteria in your gut. So while, I don't see any harm in using these are directed and then testing your PH, I would discourage and even caution completely relying on this method or overusing any substance. I believe that diet and douching are safer and make more short changes in your body.

Supplements Or Vitamins That Are Sometimes Used By People Who Want A Girl Baby: Many people believe that supplements such as calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D help people who are trying for a girl baby. Some take it even further than this and take acidifying supplements like cranberry pills or grapefruit extract. Again, I would strongly suggest testing yourself after this use and would stress that you never want to overdo any supplement or vitamin. And I also have to tell you that many of the fruits and citrus supplements that people take to become more acidic do not always work as planned. Not all fruits or even all citrus foods are metabolized as acid. Reactions can vary greatly which is why it's important to test. In my own testing I again had better results with real food than I did with pills or supplements.

Finally, I want to stress that PH is not the only consideration when trying to choose your baby's gender. Although many people would love to think that taking supplements is all that you have to worry about, this just isn't the case. Timing your intercourse and conception correctly as it relates to ovulation and using the right sexual positions that are unique to you and your partner can matter every bit as much.

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I recently heard from a wife who understood that it was going to be necessary for her to change her vaginal pH and to become more alkaline before she attempted to conceive a boy baby. She knew from testing that her ovulation had either just happened or was very close to occurring. And she knew that in order to maximize her chances for a boy pregnancy, she needed to have sex within the next couple of days. This wasn't going to be a problem. But the issue that she was most worried about was her pH reading. She was still reading as pretty acidic and she really only had a day or two to become more alkaline. She also knew that having sex while she was acidic might make her more likely to conceive a girl baby, which she definitely did not want. But she didn't know if one day (or two at the most) was going to give her enough time to make any meaningful change. She asked in part "is it possible to change your pH if you only have one day or so until ovulation? Or will I have to wait another month to try again?" I'll try to address this concern in the following article.

How Long It Takes To Change Your Vaginal pH Depends On The Level You Start With And The Methods Used: It's known that vaginal pH can change within a couple of hours because there have been studies that have tested pH several hours before and after sexual intercourse for bacterial vaginosis research. The results indicated that it sometimes took several hours for the woman's vaginal pH to return to its normal levels after intercourse. So we've learned two things from this. We know that internal substances can change vaginal PH, and also that these changes can wear off after a few hours if no other adjustments are made.

However, there are so many variables at play when you are trying to change your reading quickly. Obviously a woman who is already relatively close to her desired reading will have to make less dramatic attempts to get her reading where she wants it. (And the process will likely take a shorter amount of time.) But if she is very far away from her desired reading, it might take a longer period of time to reach her goal. Of course, the question posed is would it take longer than one day. It very well might. But the only way to find this out for sure is to test yourself.

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Determining If You Can Change Your Vaginal pH Shortly Before Ovulation Occurs: The good news in this situation was that the woman could test herself, try her preferred method to change her PH, and then test again to see if she reached her goal. It would probably also make sense to recheck her ovulation and determine if it had in fact happened. If so, this gave her an approximate 2 day window. With such a short time frame, she was probably going to get the quickest results with douching since food or dietary changes can take a longer period of time (sometimes weeks) to show the desired results. (And the trade off is that dietary changes tend to give you slower but more lasting results whereas douching gives you faster results that don't last as long. This is why people often use both when they are trying to change pH for the purposes of baby gender.)

I think it's best to use a douche that is specifically designed for the reading that you start with and to test immediately after using it. That way, if you still haven't reached your goal, you can try again until you do. Now, you want to be careful with your timing. As I mentioned above, we know from the bacterial vaginosis research that pH can return to previous levels hours after intercourse. So if you're going to douche in the morning and then have sex later that night, you'll want to test again before you actually have intercourse to make sure that your reading hasn't changed or reverted back to your normal range. In fact, I'd recommend trying to have intercourse as soon as possible after you get a desirable reading just to be sure.

So what happens if you try your best but determine that you weren't able to change your pH enough? Well, of course this has to be your decision, but if you want to make sure to give yourself the best chance of choosing your baby's gender, I'd recommend waiting for another month and using both food and douching (while containing to test) so that hopefully you won't have these last minute issues the next time. To answer the original question posed, I think that it's possible to change your pH only a day or two before ovulation if you are very aggressive about it and if you don't have very far to go to reach your desired reading in the first place. And it certainly doesn't hurt to try.

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