A sales professional without desire is like an engine without fuel. Even the best engine will fail to perform when it is lacking the necessary fuel. An idle engine creates no momentum. Your sales efforts need momentum, not only to get things started but to keep things moving. Desire is your secret ingredient. Deeper desires create more powerful fuel.

Everyone wants to succeed in sales, but not everyone “needs” to. A want is a wish; a need is a desire. I have discovered that people tend to get what they need, not what they want. A thirsty man does not want a drink of water, a thirsty man needs it. The difference between a want and a need is what will guarantee your success.

I made the choice to develop a career in sales out of desperation, not preparation. When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, time was of the essence. She immediately was placed on disability and I could not afford to commute to and from work. I searched for opportunities to earn money and control my schedule. I had very few options. As I narrowed down my choices, I realized that a sales job would best suit our circumstances.

I did not have a background in sales, or experience in the financial services industry, but I had a ton of desire. I was determined to make this “sales thing” work. I did not want it to work; I needed it to work! At this stage, I was more concerned with survival. I needed to earn money to put food on the table. I figured that I would focus on success later. Right now, I needed results.

As I tapped into the burning desire I had to make my sales career work, I soon realized that my needs had to go deeper than just making money. Yes, the desire to earn more money is crucial to elevating your sales results, but it cannot be your only motivating factor. If all you are after is the money, your clients will sense that.

Given the choice between working with a sales rep, focused only on the payout, or working with a sales rep, focused on your best interests, who would you choose? Exactly! So will your potential clients. Clients will always choose a 3-D sales rep over a 2-D sales rep.

To become a 3-D sales professional, your desire must incorporate the following:

1. The desire to earn more money
2. The desire to achieve a greater life
3. The desire to help your clients achieve a greater life

Think Great!

Author's Bio: 

Erik is a leading authority on accomplishing life-changing goals, team-building, increasing sales results, and enhancing leadership skills - no matter what circumstances you face!

Combining his 4 years of service in the U.S. Marine Corps, 10 years of sales experience, and his responsibilities as his wife's caregiver, during her battle with cancer, he created the Think G.R.E.A.T. program and authored the Think GREAT book series, designed to help people achieve a greater life.

Erik has helped individuals, teams, businesses, and organizations to achieve greater results in taking initiative, creating sales opportunities, recruiting stronger, and building leaders. http://www.thinkgreat90.com