Postcards are the perfect communication piece for announcing a new product, offering time specific discounts or merely asking the recipient to get in contact with you. In all these circumstances, the postcard is simple and cost effective because there is no envelope to open and it is conducive to skimming. Because everyone is constantly bombarded by information (i.e. e-mail, spam, junk mail), it is very important to design a postcard that will immediately get the attention of your potential customers.

Perhaps you are thinking that attention getting or high impact translates to mean fluorescent colors or outrageous lettering or pictures. You could use these techniques but depending on your business or brand, you will be more successful by using strong images relating to your offer or brand.

The quality of the images used is very important when designing your postcard. It is worth the time and money to invest in high quality images and photographs that will transfer and print on the postcard clearly. Many web sites offer stock photography and illustrations for little money. You should also consider hiring a photographer to take well lit pictures of your product or storefront. High quality imagery and photographs are key components to designing a high impact postcard.

You also want to select high quality stock postcards that will print glossy, color images and photographs. It is recommended that you use colored postcards but if appropriate and it is more suited to your campaign, black and white can be used and can be quite effective.

The size of the postcard should be considered during your design as well. Depending upon your target audience, and your budget, you may decide a 6” X 9” postcard is more appropriate than the standard 4” X 6” size. Also, postcards can be designed with detachable coupons or a handy calendar. Just because the card is small, there is plenty of room, front and back, for appropriate pictures and text.

Remember, text is just as important as images. An attention grabbing headline is always a good idea. You want to state your offer concisely and clearly. The goal is to get the recipient to contact you by whatever means you want them to. Be sure to print your phone number, web site, email address or physical address so that it is easily seen.

Taking the time to select the right type and size of postcard; high quality images and photographs; and clearly and concisely stating your offer all contribute to designing a high impact postcard. An attention getting headline and printing your contact information so it is legible improves your odds for a successful postcard campaign. For additional marketing strategies on postcard campaigns, e-mail me for a free copy of our e-book "Designing a Successful Postcard campaign at

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