It has been discovered that your mind is a very powerful tool to delivering lives intended results. The reality is that you can design your mind how you want to. The saying goes change your mind, change your life. Carol Dweck in her book Mindset speaks of the two different mindsets. The growth mindset and the fixed mindset. The mindset being individual’s self theory of themselves. How ones sees themselves.

If you are someone who demonstrates a growth mindset, you believe that your abilities and talents and what you can learn are not fixed. Hence you believe you can learn new things, you can become smarter. A person with a fixed mindset only believes that the way they currently are is how they have been built. They have no ability to become better.

In some cases, people do demonstrate a sliding scale of both. In some instances, you may well and truly believe that you have the ability to become better at things where as in other cases you believe your traits and skills are fixed. The beauty of all of this is that you can design your mind however you see fit.

There is a methodology you can use to design your mind. You can design your mind however you choose to. The first step in this process is to recognise that you may have a fixed mindset. When you recognise you can teach yourself to then realise that you well and truly have the ability for growth. Without this belief then there is nothing you can do about it. So, recognise and then move on and realise that you can develop a growth mindset.

Then you need to demonstrate the effort in whatever it is you are trying to achieve. As the Nike slogan says, ‘just do it’. There definitely couldn’t be 3 more stronger words when it comes to the growth mindset. You just need to try. You also need accept that there will be failure. But flip your mindset to realise that failure is not losing, its learning better ways to do things. This is the way of the growth mindset.

Be proactive in learning for learnings sake. Rather than learning for comparison to others. Learning is the most important part of the growth mindset as learning new things will allow your mind to expand into areas it had never dared dreamed imagine being part of your knowledge or skill bank.

Look for feedback and don’t be shy to receive it. Those that grow learn to receive feedback from others. But alas do not necessarily take advice. Take feedback there’s a big difference. Feedback is a method of learning to do things better. Advice is people’s opinion on how to do things. Your own gut is the better decision maker so trust that.

Be persistent in your efforts. You will hit roadblocks but figuring different tactics and strategies to your path is the way forward. This persistence will build resilience and allow your growth muscle to be grown and get your mind into a space of continuous growth. Finally seek discomfort. Doing what you know is not growth but placing yourself in a position of unknown will help the mind to build new neural pathways to a position of a growth mindset.

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Torsi is a professional blogger.