Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, there is a lot of apprehension among parents to send their kids back to what was once a haven, school. However, as a parent, one must have accurate information on Covid-19, to help diminish students’ anxieties and fear regarding the virus. And prepare them to head back to school soon! School architects in Delhi along with teachers should consider that maintaining safe school protocols is a priority. When done correctly, it can enhance emotional and physical well-being.

Schools and architects must take corrective measures at every single level. A change in design can help schools maintain ideal social distancing norms which will help prevent the spread of the virus. At the same time, allowing us to inch back as close to the true normal.

Although, we do understand that design changes required may vary from school to school but here are the primary changes we will see in the design.

Let us first talk about the administrative changes in post-Covid 19 schools.

Abiding by the new norms that come with Covid-19 is a big challenge that schools need to address. Some of them are:

  • Working in shifts can be beneficial. This can be done by allowing for batches to be conducted at different hours.
  • Main exams should be conducted on different days, thereby reducing the number of working hours and physical interaction among students and teachers.
  • Sports activities should be put on hold. This will lead to a reduction in activity class hours which means working hours for teachers and students will also reduce.
  • Provide parents with the option to either opt for classroom teaching or online classes as it can help regulate the number of students in a classroom.
  • Arts and crafts classes can continue with social distancing as it allows students to stimulate creativity.
  • Design and infrastructural changes that School Architects should consider post Covid-19

    1. Keeping in mind that WHO prescribed a physical distance of at least 1 meter between students, removing standard twin benches at school should be of utmost importance.
    2. The new and improved classroom design should allow for increased circulation of fresh air indoors. If possible, the classes should be conducted outside as much as possible to reduce contamination.

    3. School architects in Delhi while designing a new and improved school should install sanitation stations in every single classroom and vinyl floor marking. It can be used to ensure unidirectional movement in all passages and corridors.

    Final Note

    A plethora of challenges will come our way when schools re-open under appropriate health and safety guidelines. As and when that happens, along with design changes the school administrators must rework syllabus timelines, teaching methodologies, and remedial academic support.

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